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This is a list of notable fish dishes. In culinary and fishery contexts, fish includes shellfish, such as molluscs, crustaceans and echinoderms. Fish has been an important source of protein for humans throughout recorded history.

Fish dishes[edit]

Alphabetical list[edit]


Asam pedas prepared with giant gourami


Baccalà alla vicentina is a Venetian-Italian dish native to Vicenza that is made from stoccafisso (stockfish).
Baccalà alla lucana, traditional recipe from Basilicata


Canh chua is a sour soup indigenous to the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. It is typically made with fish from the Mekong River Delta and additional ingredients.
Ceviche is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers.



  • Encebollado – Ecuadorian fish stew
  • Eomandu – Fish dumpling
  • Escabeche – Ibero-American fish, meat or vegetable dish
  • Esgarrat – Valencian cod dish
  • Esqueixada – Catalan fish salad


Fish and chips in Edinburgh, Scotland
Fish chowder
  • Fischbrötchen – Type of sandwich made with fish
  • Fish and brewis – Canadian dish
  • Fish and chips – Hot dish of fried fish and fried potato
  • Fish ball – Spherical food made from fish
  • Fish boil – Culinary tradition in areas of Wisconsin
  • Fish chowder – Category of soups
  • Fish fingers – Dish consisting of breaded and fried fish
  • Fish finger sandwich – type of sandwich
  • Fish head casserole – Chinese cuisine
  • Fish head curry – Singaporean fish curry dish
  • Fish moolie – Spicy fish and coconut dish
  • Fish pie – Pie with the main ingredient being fish
  • Fish soup – Dish
  • Fish steak – Type of meat cut
  • Fish tacos – Mexican filled tortilla food
  • Fish tea – spicy soup in Caribbean cuisine, similar to a fish bouillon; includes ground yam, pumpkin, cassava, potatoes and green bananas, cooked until very soft
  • Fishcake – Minced or ground fish or other seafood mixed with a starchy ingredient, and fried
  • Fisherman's soup – Hungarian fish soup



  • Herring soup – fish soup consisting of a thick mix of water, barley-meal and red herring
  • Hongeohoe – Type of fermented fish dish from Korea's Jeolla province
  • Huachinango a la Veracruzana


Ikan goreng is a generic term that refers to various kinds of Indonesian and Malaysian dishes of deep fried fish or other forms of seafood.
  • Ikan bakar – Indonesian and Malay grilled fish
  • Ikan goreng – Indonesian and Malaysian fried fish
  • Inun-unan – Filipino cooking process


  • Janssons frestelse – Swedish potato casserole


  • Kaeng som – Fish curry dish
  • Kakavia – Fish group from Greece
  • Kalakukko – Finnish savoury pie
  • Kedgeree – Fish and rice-based dish
  • Kibbeling – Dutch seafood snack, consisting of chunks of deep-fried cod
  • Kinilaw – Filipino seafood dish
  • Kokotxas – Fish stew from the Basque region
  • Kuai – Chinese food dish


Lohikeitto is a common dish in Finland and other Nordic countries that consists of salmon fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks.[1]
  • Laulau – Traditional Polynesian dish of cooked of taro leaves and stem
  • Lavangi (food) – Azerbaijani dish
  • Linagpang – Filipino cooking process
  • Linarang – Filipino cuisine
  • Lohikeitto – Nordic salmon and potato dish with carrots and leeks
  • Loimulohi – Finnish fish dish
  • Lumpiang isda – Indonesian and Philippine spring roll
  • Lutefisk – Nordic dried fish dish


Machher jhol in an Odia style is a traditional Bengali and Odia spicy fish stew.
Maachha Bihana is fish egg curry in an oriya style.


  • Nanbanzuke – Japanese fish dish


  • Odorigui – Consumption of live, moving seafood in Japanese cuisine
  • Otak-otak – Indonesian traditional fish cake


Paling in 't groen is a Flemish regional dish, mainly from the area along the River Scheldt between Dendermonde and Antwerp. The Dutch language name (literally 'eel in the green') refers to freshwater eel in a green herb sauce.[2][3]
  • Paksiw na isda – Filipino cooking process
  • Paling in 't groen – Belgian dish
  • Panta bhat – Rice-based dish originating in Bangladesh and India
  • Paprykarz szczeciński – Polish canned fish spread made from ground fish, rice, tomato paste and vegetable oil, seasoned with onion, salt and spices
  • Pastéis de Bacalhau – potato dish
  • Pastilla – North African pie made from meat and layered pastry dough
  • Patra ni machhi – Parsi dish made from steamed fish topped with chutney and wrapped in a banana leaf
  • Pempek – Indonesian dish made of fish and tapioca
  • Pepes – Indonesian traditional banana leaf dish
  • Piaparan – Filipino dish
  • Pickled herring – Traditional way of preserving herring
  • Pinangat na isda – Filipino dish from Southern Luzon
  • Pindang – Indonesian cooking method
  • Pira caldo – Paraguayan fish soup
  • Poke – Hawaiian raw fish dish
  • Pompano en Papillote – Food baked in a parchment paper or foil pouch
  • Portuguese asado
  • Psarosoupa
  • Pudpod


  • Quenelle – Mixture of creamed fish or meat with a light egg binding, formed into an egg-like shape


  • Rakfisk – Norwegian fermented fish dish made from trout or char
  • Rollmops – Pickled herring fillets
  • Run down – Stew dish


Deep-fried Swordfish collar with chips and coleslaw
Seafood birdsnest is a common Chinese cuisine dish found in Hong Kong, China and most overseas Chinatown restaurants.



Tekwan is a fish soup of Palembang, Indonesia, prepared with fishcake.
  • Tekwan – Indonesian fish soup dish
  • Thieboudienne – Traditional dish from Senegal
  • Tinapa – Filipino smoked fish
  • Tiradito – Peruvian dish of raw seafood
  • Topote – Local dish of Veracruz, Mexico
  • Tsukune – Japanese chicken meatball
  • Tom yam – Thai soup
  • Tuna casserole – American casserole dish
  • Tuna melt – Type of hot sandwich containing cheese
  • Tuna salad
  • Tuna sandwich – Type of sandwich


Ukha is a clear Russian soup, made from various types of fish such as bream, wels catfish, or ruffe.
  • Ukha – Russian soup made of fish




  • Yassa – Senegalese spicy marinated poultry or fish dish
  • Yin Yang fish – Taiwanese fish dish

List by ingredient[edit]

Raw fish dishes[edit]

Salmon dishes[edit]

Halved smoked salmon in a salmon smokehouse
  • B.C. roll – Sushi containing barbecued salmon and cucumber
  • Cured salmon – Fish subjected to fermentation, pickling or smoking
  • Gravlax – Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon cured in salt, sugar, and dill
  • Lomi salmon – Hawaiian tomato and salmon salad
  • Lox – Brined salmon
  • Rui-be – Japanese frozen raw salmon dish
  • Salmon burger – Fishcake made from salmon in the style of a hamburger
  • Salmon pie
  • Smoked salmon – Preparation of salmon
  • Smoked salmon cheesecake – Cheese-based dessert
  • Tekkadon – Japanese rice dish topped with tuna sashimi
  • Yusheng – Cantonese-style raw fish salad

Tuna dishes[edit]

Tuna fish sandwiches


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