List of fish on stamps of Estonia

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This is a list of fish on stamps that appear on postage stamps of Estonia.

Year Date Type Species Author species Value Stamps catalogues Taxonomy Common name Notes
Scott Yvert Mitchell Sta. & Gib. Order Family
2000 25.10 Coregonus albula Linnaeus, 1758 Salmoniformes Salmonidae Vendace [1]
2000 25.10 Coregonus lavaretus Linnaeus, 1758 Salmoniformes Salmonidae Common whitefish [1]
2000 25.10 Osmerus eperlanus Pallas, 1814 Salmoniformes Osmeridae European smelt [1]
2000 25.10 Sander lucioperca (or Stizostedion lucioperca) Linnaeus, 1758 Perciformes Percidae Zander [1]

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