List of fishes of West Virginia

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The state of West Virginia has a wide variety of freshwater fish species in its rivers, lakes, and streams. 20% of these species are sportfish, and the remaining 80% are nongame species. Two species, the candy darter and the diamond darter, are only found in West Virginia.

The following letters next to each species' name represents the river system(s) that contains that species:

O Ohio River Basin Includes the Ohio, Monongahela, Little Kanawha, Kanawha, Guyandotte, and Big Sandy Rivers.
N New River Basin Includes the New, Gauley, and Greenbrier Rivers.
P Potomac River Basin Includes the Potomac River.
J James River Basin Includes the James River.

An asterisk (*) beside a species' name indicates that the species is rare in West Virginia.

Two asterisks (**) beside a species' name indicates that the species is extirpated.[1]

Three asterisks (***) beside a species' name indicates that the species is introduced, and is not native to West Virginia.

Class Cephalaspidomorphi (jawless fishes)[edit]

Order Petromyzontiformes (lampreys)[edit]

Family Petromyzontidae (northern lampreys)

Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)[edit]

Order Acipenseriformes (sturgeons and paddlefish)[edit]

Family Acipenseridae (sturgeons)

Family Polyodontidae (paddlefishes)

Order Lepisosteiformes (gars)[edit]

Family Lepisosteidae (gars)

Order Amiiformes (bowfin)[edit]

Family Amiidae (bowfin)

Order Hiodontiformes (mooneyes)[edit]

Family Hiodontidae (mooneyes)

Order Anguilliformes (eels)[edit]

Family Anguillidae (freshwater eels)

Order Clupeiformes (herrings and relatives)[edit]

Family Clupeidae (herrings, shads, and relatives)

Order Cypriniformes (carps, minnows, and relatives)[edit]

Family Cyprinidae (carps, true minnows, and relatives)

Family Catostomidae (suckers)

Order Siluriformes (catfishes)[edit]

Family Ictaluridae (ictalurid catfishes)

Order Esociformes (pikes and mudminnows)[edit]

Family Esocidae (pikes)

Family Umbridae (mudminnows)

Order Salmoniformes (trout)[edit]

Family Salmonidae (trout)

Order Percopsiformes (trout-perch)[edit]

Family Percopsidae (trout-perch)

Order Cyprinodontiformes (toothcarps)[edit]

Family Fundulidae (topminnows)

Family Poeciliidae (livebearers)

Order Atheriniformes (silversides)[edit]

Family Atherinopsidae (neotropical silversides)

Order Gasterosteiformes (sticklebacks)[edit]

Family Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks)

Order Scorpaeniformes (mail-cheeked fishes)[edit]

Family Cottidae (Sculpins)

Order Perciformes (sunfishes and perches)[edit]

Family Moronidae (Temperate Basses)

Family Centrarchidae (sunfishes)

Family Percidae (perches, darters, and relatives)

Family Sciaenidae (drums)

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