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The following is a list of lottery games (including the United States and Canada) in which five regular numbers are drawn from a larger set of numbers. The list includes the name, the number field for each, and the frequency of drawings. All pick-5 games in the U.S. and Canada are drawn multiple times per week (usually nightly, including Sundays and holidays); some lotteries now hold such drawings more than once a day.

Most U.S. pick-5 games now have a progressive jackpot, even in games that are drawn daily; in unusual cases, a single ticket has won a cash prize in excess of $1 million cash. A common top prize in non-jackpot pick-5 games is $100,000. (In the lists below, games with a jackpot do not have a minimum jackpot listed.) Depending on the game, a minimum of either two or three numbers (not counting a "bonus ball") must be matched for a winning ticket. (A 2/5 match usually results in a free play for that game, or a "break-even" win; for the latter, the player wins back their stake on that particular five-number wager.) Prize payouts depending on the game are either fixed (with parimutuel exceptions), are always parimutuel, or feature a parimutuel jackpot with fixed lower-tier prizes.

With very few exceptions, all U.S. and Canadian games where five regular numbers are drawn from the same pool have had a lump sum jackpot/grand prize, hence the word Cash is used as part of the name of several such games.

Except where noted, all current pick-5 games listed here cost $1 per play. Some pick-5 games have introduced an add-on wager, usually $1, either as an "instant match" feature, or, as in the additional 50-cent Connecticut Cash 5 wager Kicker, to give a player additional prize levels. An increasingly popular style of pick-5 game is based on Caribbean stud poker; such games combine a "traditional" drawing with an instant-win feature.

The lists do not include "4+1" games, such as Florida's Lucky Money, where all five numbers must be matched to win the top prize, but are drawn from two number fields. (A similar game, Montana's "Big Sky Bonus", is actually a "four-number" game; the double matrix is 4/28 + 1/17. Matching all four "regular" numbers wins the jackpot; matching the "bonus" ball wins $10 plus any money won for matching at least two of the four "regular" numbers.)

The numbers games DC-5, Georgia Five, Ohio Pick 5, and Pennsylvania's Pick 5 (the latter formerly "Quinto") also do not truly fit this category, as they are five-digit games with "straight" and "box" wagers; they are otherwise played like many U.S. pick-3 and pick-4 games. (Florida will introduce a similar game, Pick 5; its Fantasy 5 will remain.)

U.S. pick-5 games[edit]



  • Arizona Fantasy 5 (41 numbers, daily except Sundays); 5 Card Cash (52 cards, daily except Sundays)
  • California Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Colorado Cash 5 (32 numbers, daily)
  • Connecticut Cash5 (35 numbers, night drawings)
  • Florida Fantasy 5 (36 numbers, daily)
  • Georgia Fantasy 5 (42 numbers, daily)
  • Idaho Idaho Ca$h (45 numbers, $2 plays/$1); Weekly Grand (32 numbers, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Illinois Lucky Day Lotto (45 numbers, daily)
  • Indiana Cash 5 (45 numbers, daily); Poker Lotto (52 cards; daily)
  • Kentucky 5 Card Cash (52 cards; daily)
  • Louisiana Easy 5 (37 numbers, daily)
  • Maine World Poker Tour (52 cards)
  • Maryland Bonus Match 5 (39 numbers, daily); 5 Card Cash (52 cards; daily)
  • Massachusetts Mass Cash (35 numbers, daily); Jackpot Poker (52 cards, daily; 4-5 minutes apart most hours)
  • Michigan Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily); Poker Lotto (52 cards; daily)
  • Minnesota Gopher 5 (47 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday); Northstar Cash (31 numbers, daily)
  • Missouri Show Me Ca$h (39 numbers, daily)
  • Montana Montana Cash (45 numbers, 2 plays/$1, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Nebraska Pick 5 (38 numbers, daily except Sunday)
  • New Jersey Jersey Cash 5 (43 numbers, daily); 5 Card Cash (52 cards; daily)
  • New Mexico Roadrunner Cash (37 numbers, daily except Sunday)
  • New York Take 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • North Carolina Carolina Cash 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Ohio Rolling Cash 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Oklahoma Cash 5 (36 numbers, daily)
  • Pennsylvania Cash 5 (43 numbers, daily); Treasure Hunt (30 numbers, daily)
  • Rhode Island Wild Money (35 numbers, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday)
  • South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5 (38 numbers, daily)
  • South Dakota Dakota Cash (35 numbers, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Texas Cash Five (37 numbers; Monday-Saturday)
  • Virginia Cash 5 (34 numbers, twice daily)
  • Washington Hit 5 (39 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday)
  • Wisconsin Badger 5 (31 numbers, daily); 5 Card Cash (52 cards, daily)
  • Wyoming Cowboy Draw (45 numbers, Mondays & Thursdays, two plays for $5)[1]

Current Canadian pick-5 games[edit]


  • Russian Federation: Gosloto 5 to 36 (5 times per day)

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