List of flag bearers for China at the Olympics

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China at the
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 Republic of China (1924–1972)

This is a list of flag bearers who have represented China at the Olympics.[1]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event year Season Flag bearer Sport
22 2016 Summer Sheng, LeiLei Sheng Fencing
21 2014 Winter Jian, TongTong Jian Figure skating
20 2012 Summer Jianlian, YiYi Jianlian Basketball
19 2010 Winter Xiaopeng, HanHan Xiaopeng Freestyle skiing
18 2008 Summer Ming, YaoYao Ming Basketball
17 2006 Winter Yang (A), YangYang Yang (A) Short track speed skating
16 2004 Summer Ming, YaoYao Ming Basketball
15 2002 Winter Zhang, MinZhang Min Figure skating
14 2000 Summer Yudong, LiuLiu Yudong Basketball
13 1998 Winter Hongbo, ZhaoZhao Hongbo Figure skating
12 1996 Summer Yudong, LiuLiu Yudong Basketball
11 1994 Winter Yanfei, LiuLiu Yanfei Speed skating
10 1992 Summer Ligang, SongSong Ligang Basketball
9 1992 Winter Chen, SongSong Chen Speed skating
8 1988 Summer Tao, SongSong Tao Basketball
7 1988 Winter Shubin, ZhangZhang Shubin Figure skating
6 1984 Summer Libin, WangWang Libin Basketball
5 1984 Winter Shijian, ZhaoZhao Shijian Speed skating
4 1980 Winter Weichang, ZhaoZhao Weichang Speed skating
3 1948 Summer Siak, Wee TianWee Tian Siak Basketball
2 1936 Summer Tong, Lee WaiLee Wai Tong Football
1 1932 Summer Changchun, LiuLiu Changchun Athletics

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