List of flag bearers for Russia at the Olympics

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Russia at the
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IOC code RUS
NOC Russian Olympic Committee
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Summer appearances
Winter appearances
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 Russian Empire (1900–1912)
 Soviet Union (1952–1988)
 Unified Team (1992)

This is a list of flag bearers who have represented Russia at the Olympics.[1]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event year Season Flag bearer Sport
13 2016 Summer Sergei Tetyukhin Volleyball
12 2014 Winter Zubkov, AlexandrAlexandr Zubkov Bobsleigh
11 2012 Summer Sharapova, MariaMaria Sharapova Tennis
10 2010 Winter Morozov, AlekseyAleksey Morozov Ice hockey
9 2008 Summer Kirilenko, AndreiAndrei Kirilenko Basketball
8 2006 Winter Dorofeyev, DmitryDmitry Dorofeyev Speed skating
7 2004 Summer Popov, AleksandrAleksandr Popov Swimming
6 2002 Winter Prokurorov, AlekseyAleksey Prokurorov Cross-country skiing
5 2000 Summer Lavrov, AndreyAndrey Lavrov Handball
4 1998 Winter Prokurorov, AlekseyAleksey Prokurorov Cross-country skiing
3 1996 Summer Karelin, AleksandrAleksandr Karelin Greco-Roman wrestling
2 1994 Winter Tchepikov, SergeiSergei Tchepikov Biathlon
1 1912 Summer Rayevsky, M. E.M. E. Rayevsky Gymnastics

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