List of flag bearers for Serbia at the Olympics

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Serbia at the
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IOC code SRB
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Summer appearances
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 Yugoslavia (1920–1992 W)
 Independent Olympic Participants (1992 S)
 Serbia and Montenegro (1996–2006)

This is a list of flag bearers who have represented Serbia at the Olympics.[1]

Opening Ceremony[edit]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event year Season Flag bearer Sport
6 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Anđušić Maksimović, IvanaIvana Anđušić Maksimović Shooting sport
5 2014 Sochi Winter Petrović, MilankoMilanko Petrović Biathlon and cross-country skiing
4 2012 London Summer Djokovic, NovakNovak Djokovic Tennis
3 2010 Vancouver Winter Lolović, JelenaJelena Lolović (3) * Alpine skiing
2 2008 Beijing Summer Šekarić, JasnaJasna Šekarić Shooting sport
1 1912 Stockholm Summer Tomašević, DragutinDragutin Tomašević[2] Athletics

*Previously two times the flag bearer for Serbia and Montenegro

Closing Ceremony[edit]

# Event year Season Flag bearer Sport
5 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Tijana Bogdanović Taekwondo
4 2014 Sochi Winter Ignjatović, NevenaNevena Ignjatović Alpine skiing
3 2012 London Summer Mandić, MilicaMilica Mandić Taekwondo
2 2010 Vancouver Winter Rađenović, VukVuk Rađenović Bobsleigh
1 2008 Beijing Summer Starović, SašaSaša Starović Volleyball

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