List of flag bearers for the Netherlands at the Olympics

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Netherlands at the
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1906 Intercalated Games

This is a list of flag bearers who have represented the Netherlands at the Olympics.[1]

Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

# Event year Season Flag bearer Sport
43 2016 Summer Dubbeldam, JeroenJeroen Dubbeldam Equestrianism
42 2014 Winter ter Mors, JorienJorien ter Mors Shorttrack and speed skating
41 2012 Summer van Rijsselberghe, DorianDorian van Rijsselberghe Sailing
40 2010 Winter Beck, TimothyTimothy Beck Bobsleigh
39 2008 Summer Delmee, JeroenJeroen Delmee Hockey
38 2006 Winter Bos, JanJan Bos Speed skating
37 2004 Summer Huizinga, MarkMark Huizinga Judo
36 2002 Winter Sauerbreij, NicolienNicolien Sauerbreij Snowboarding
35 2000 Summer van Grunsven, AnkyAnky van Grunsven Equestrianism
34 1998 Winter Zijlstra, CarlaCarla Zijlstra Speed skating
33 1996 Summer Rienks, NicoNico Rienks Rowing
32 1994 Winter Aaftink, ChristineChristine Aaftink Speed skating
31 1992 Summer Benninga, CarinaCarina Benninga Field hockey
30 1992 Winter Visser, LeoLeo Visser Speed skating
29 1988 Summer Swinkels, EricEric Swinkels Shooting sport
28 1988 Winter Ykema, JanJan Ykema Speed skating
27 1984 Summer Buunk, TonTon Buunk Water polo
26 1984 Winter Duim, Hilbert van derHilbert van der Duim Speed skating
25 1980 Winter Kleine, PietPiet Kleine Speed skating
24 1976 Summer Bolhuis, AndréAndré Bolhuis Field hockey
23 1976 Winter Leeuw, Dianne deDianne de Leeuw Figure skating
22 1972 Summer Spits, NicoNico Spits Field hockey
21 1972 Winter Keulen-Deelstra, AtjeAtje Keulen-Deelstra Speed skating
20 1968 Summer Dorp, Fred vanFred van Dorp Water polo
19 1968 Winter Baas-Kaiser, StienStien Baas-Kaiser Speed skating
18 1964 Summer Geesink, AntonAnton Geesink Judo
17 1964 Winter Schenk, ArdArd Schenk Speed skating
16 1960 Summer Erven Dorens, Jan Willem vanJan Willem van Erven Dorens Field hockey
15 1960 Winter Broekman, KeesKees Broekman Speed skating
14 1956 Winter Broekman, KeesKees Broekman Speed skating
13 1952 Summer de Wit, SimonSimon de Wit Official
12 1952 Winter Voort, Wim van derWim van der Voort Speed skating
11 1948 Summer Landman, WimWim Landman Football
10 1948 Winter Langedijk, JanJan Langedijk Speed skating
9 1936 Summer Waal, Rein deRein de Waal Field hockey
8 1936 Winter Dunlop, SamSam Dunlop Bobsleigh
7 1932 Summer Mortanges, Charles Pahud deCharles Pahud de Mortanges Equestrianism
6 1928 Summer Olij, SamSam Olij Boxing
5 1928 Winter Mattos, Edwin Jonkheer Teixeira deEdwin Jonkheer Teixeira de Mattos Bobsleigh
4 1924 Summer Jong, Adrianus deAdrianus de Jong Fencing
3 1920 Summer Dijk, J. H. vanJ. H. van Dijk Official
2 1912 Summer Ploeger, J.J. Ploeger Graeco-Roman wrestling
1 1908 Summer Boer, Jan deJan de Boer

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