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This is a list of flags of states, territories, and other entities sorted by their combinations of dominant colors. Flags emblazoned with seals, coats of arms, and other multicolored emblems are sorted only by their color fields. The color of text is similarly ignored.

Colors related to the two metals of European heraldry (gold and white) are sorted first. The five major "stains" of European heraldry (black, red, blue, green, and purple) are sorted next. Miscellaneous colors (murrey, tan, grey, and pink) are sorted last.

Similar colors are grouped together to make navigation of this list practical. As such, the dark greens prevalent in the Middle East are sorted together with the brighter greens prevalent in Western Europe. Significantly: yellows, golds, and oranges are grouped together as "gold" due to the lack of discrete divisions within this spectrum and the differing standards of interpretation of "gold", which appears in the legally codified specifications of many flags. Some flags, including a number from South Asia, include both a distinct yellow and a distinct orange; these have been noted accordingly.




Gold, white[edit]


Gold, white, black[edit]

Gold, white, black, red[edit]
Gold, white, black, red, blue[edit]
Gold, white, black, red, blue, green[edit]
Gold, white, black, red, green[edit]
Gold, white, black, blue[edit]
Gold, white, black, green[edit]

Gold, white, red[edit]

Gold, white, red, blue[edit]
Gold, white, red, blue, green[edit]
Gold, white, red, green[edit]
Gold, white, red, purple[edit]
Gold, white, red, tan[edit]

Gold, white, blue[edit]

Gold, white, blue, green[edit]
Gold, white, blue, tan[edit]
Gold, white, blue, grey[edit]

Gold, white, green[edit]

Gold, white, green, black[edit]
Gold, white, green, tan[edit]

Gold, white, purple[edit]


Gold, white, murrey[edit]


Gold, black[edit]


Gold, black, red[edit]

Gold, black, red, blue[edit]
Gold, black, red, blue, green[edit]
Gold, black, red, green[edit]

Gold, black, blue[edit]

Gold, black, blue, green[edit]

Gold, black, green[edit]


Gold, red[edit]


Gold, red, blue[edit]

Gold, red, blue, green[edit]
Gold, red, blue, green, purple[edit]
  •  Cusco, Peru (with distinct yellow and orange)

Gold, red, green[edit]


Gold, red, purple[edit]


Gold, blue[edit]


Gold, blue, white, red[edit]


Gold, blue, green[edit]


Gold, green[edit]


Gold, green, purple[edit]


Gold, green, tan[edit]


Gold, purple[edit]


Gold, tan[edit]




White, black[edit]


White, black, red[edit]

White, black, red, blue[edit]
White, black, red, green[edit]

White, black, blue[edit]

White, black, blue, green[edit]

White, black, green[edit]


White, red[edit]


White, red, blue[edit]

White, red, blue, green[edit]
White, red, blue, grey[edit]
  •  Cocle, Panama (with black text)

White, red, green[edit]


White, blue[edit]


White, blue, green[edit]


White, blue, pink[edit]


White, blue, grey[edit]


White, green[edit]


White, green, black[edit]


White, green, brown[edit]


White and purple[edit]


White and murrey[edit]




Black, red[edit]


Black, red, blue[edit]


Black, red, green[edit]




Red, blue[edit]


Red, blue, green[edit]


Red, green[edit]



  •  Alberta, Canada (with multicolored shield of arms)
  •  Boston, Massachusetts, United States (with mulitcolored emblem)
  •  Cochabamba, Bolivia
  •  Idaho, United States (with multicolored seal)
  •  Indiana, United States (with gold seal)
  •  Louisville, Kentucky, United States (with mulitcolored emblem)
  •  Maine, United States (with multicolored coat of arms)
  •  Michigan, United States (with multicolored coat of arms)
  •  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States (with mulitcolored emblems)
  •  Minnesota, United States (with multicolored seal)
  •  New York, United States (with multicolored coat of arms)
  •  Provo, Utah, United States (with mulitcolored emblem)
  •  Seattle, Washington, United States (teal with white emblem)

Blue, green[edit]


Blue, gray[edit]

  •  Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (with mulitcolored emblem)





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