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The following is a list of flags used in Vatican City and the Papal States.

Vatican City
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Vatican City

National flag and State flag[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the Vatican City.svg June 8, 1929–present National flag and civil ensign Two fields divided vertically, yellow field on the staff side and a white field on the other side, which bears the tiara and the keys. Ratio: 1:1.

Papal flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Papal Pennant of Pope Benedict XVI.svg 2005–2013 Papal pennant With a yellow band at the hoist and Pope Benedict's personal arms in color in the white fly.

Military flag[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Swiss Guard Flag PP Francis-Anrig.png 2013–present Swiss Guard Papal guard flag of 1914, but with the arms of Pope Francis and Commandant Christoph Graf

Historical flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
1669–1771 Flag with Christ in the cross, St Peter and St Paul.
Flag of None.svg 1771-? Red flag bearing a cross over a stone (near the hoist) and a bear (looking to hoist) at fly.
Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808).svg ?-1808 [1] Red and yellow; two colors traditional of the Roman Senate and People.[1] Similar colors as the modern flag of the City of Rome.
Flag of the Papal States (1808-1870).svg 1808–1929 Yellow and white.
Vatican naval flag.JPG Former naval ensign White flag with a version of the coat of arms of the Holy See between the figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

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