List of fleets

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List of fleets.

Canadian fleets[edit]

Chinese fleets[edit]

Dutch fleets[edit]

French fleets[edit]

German fleets[edit]

Indian fleets[edit]

Japanese fleets[edit]

Russian or Soviet fleets[edit]

Active fleets[edit]

Inactive fleets, Soviet and Russian[edit]

United Kingdom fleets & squadrons[edit]

Pre World War I[edit]

World War I[edit]

World War II[edit]

Post World War II[edit]

Modern Day[edit]

United States fleets[edit]

Naval commands[edit]

Modern US Navy fleets[edit]

They are numbered odd in the Pacific or West, and even in the Atlantic or East:

Inactive and historic[edit]

Other fleets[edit]

Informal fleet names[edit]