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The professional head of the Royal Navy is known as the First Sea Lord (1SL) as well as the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS).

There are presently two senior sub-ordinates to the 1SL: the Second Sea Lord; and the Fleet Commander, who is also the Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff.


  • Fleet Commander from mid-2012 replacing post of Commander-in-Chief Fleet.

Historic fleets[edit]


Since 2012 full operational command has been vested in the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff.

Historic commands[edit]

Flag Officers[edit]

Former Flag Officer positions[edit]

Commodores flying Broad Pennants in command appointments[edit]

  • Commander Amphibious Task Group - COMUKATG
  • Commander Carrier Strike Group -COMUKCSG
  • Commander UK Maritime Component - COMUKMARCOMP
  • Commander Maritime Reserves - COMMARRES
  • Commodore of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary - Cdre RFA
  • Commodore, Fleet Air Arm (uncertain whether flies a Broad Pennant)

Former Commodore command appointments[edit]

  • Commodore (Amphibious Warfare) - COMAW or COM(AW) or Cdre (AW)
  • Commodore in Charge, Hong Kong
  • Commodore, Naval Aviation
  • Commodore Commanding New Zealand Squadron, March 1921 - October 1940.[20] HQ Auckland, commanding naval forces in New Zealand. Commodore's appointment abolished and forces brought directly under CNS from October 1940. The operational authority was the Commodore, Auckland, from 1961[21] which changed to the Maritime Commander in March 1993.[22] Alternately rendered as Commodore Commanding, New Zealand Station, HQ Auckland, (1919–1941).
  • Commodore Royal Naval Reserve - Cdre RNR
  • Commodore Royal Yachts
  • Senior Naval Officer West Indies - SNOWI
  • Commodore Air Train, British Pacific Fleet (COMAT/BPF) - 1945
  • Commodore Fleet Train, British Pacific Fleet (COFT/BPF) - 1945
  • Commodore in Charge, HM Australian Naval Establishments, Sydney[23]

Senior Royal Marines appointments[edit]

The Royal Marines are part of the Naval Service

Former Royal Marines appointments[edit]

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  • Roskill, S.W., Captn., DSC., RN, The war at sea, 1939-1945, Vol.I, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954 (maps of operational Commands of the Royal Navy during the Second World War taken from Roskill, but not attributed, together with Fleet appendixes also taken from his work can be found at Note from Naval-History.Net. The map was assembled from a variety of sources. The Fleet Appendices are not from Roskill's work, which does not include them. They were compiled from Admiralty Pink and Red lists.

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