List of flora and fauna named after the Muisca

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Saguamanchica was zipa of Bacatá between 1470 and 1490
Bachué was the mother goddess of the Muisca
Sumapaz Páramo, to the south of Muisca territories, is the largest páramo in the world
Landscape around Chocontá
The village of Guasca is close to Chingaza National Park
In Boyacá, northern part of the Muisca Confederation, many species have been found and named

The Muisca were a people living in the central highlands of Colombia; the Altiplano Cundiboyacense and neighbouring valleys. The variation of climates and ecozones within their territories made the Muisca excellent farmers. Over time, various species of flora and fauna have been discovered in Colombia. This list contains the living genera and species and fossils named after the Muisca, their religion or their settlements.

Three other Muisca etymologies are recognised; Thomagata Patera, named after mythological cacique Thomagata, and Bochica Patera are volcanoes on Io and BD Bacatá is the highest skyscraper of Colombia.[1][2][3]

List of flora and fauna named after the Muisca[edit]

Name Gen/sp/fossil Type Named after Topic Image Notes
Muisca genus beetle Muisca people [4]
Muisca bitaeniata species beetle Muisca people
1844 - Spinola - Muisca bitaeniata.jpg
Muisca cylindricollis species beetle Muisca people [6]
Alabagrus muisca species wasp Muisca people [7]
Atelopus muisca species toad Muisca people [8]
Brachygasterina muisca species fly Muisca people [9]
Neocorynura muiscae species bee Muisca people [10]
Muiscasaurus catheti fossil (K) ichthyosaur Muisca people [11]
Euryomma muisca species fly Muisca people [12][13]
Berberis muiscarum species shrub Muisca people [14]
Leporinus muyscorum species fish Muisca people [15]
Passalus quyefutynsuca species beetle quye; "tree"
futynsuca; "rotten
Muysccubun [16]
Chusquea genus bamboo chusky: "ordinary reed of the Earth" Muysccubun [17][18]
Cibyra saguanmachica species moth Saguamanchica rulers [19]
Adryas bochica species bee Bochica religion [20]
Protandrena bachue species bee Bachué religion [21][22]
Huitaca genus harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca bitaco species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca boyacaensis species harvestmen Huitaca
Huitaca caldas species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca depressa species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca sharkeyi species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca tama species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Huitaca ventralis species harvestmen Huitaca religion [23]
Gyalideopsis chicaque species lichen Chicaque nature [24]
Araneus chingaza species spider Chingaza nature [25]
Ischnura chingaza species dragonfly Chingaza nature [26]
Polylobus chingaza species beetle Chingaza nature [27]
Masdevallia sumapazensis species orchid Sumapaz Páramo nature [28]
Rhizosomichthys totae species catfish Lake Tota lakes [29]
Pristimantis susaguae species frog Susaguá River rivers [30][31]
Etayoa bacatensis fossil (Eo) ungulate Bacatá settlements [32]
Pegoscapus bacataensis species wasp Bacatá settlements [33]
Pedioceras caquesense
syn. Ammonites ubaquensis
fossil (K) ammonite Cáqueza
settlements [34]
Hamiticeras chipatai fossil (K) ammonite Chipatá settlements [35]
Choconta genus froghopper Chocontá settlements [36][37]
Choconta circulata species froghopper Chocontá settlements
Choconta circulata.jpg
Choconta comitata species froghopper Chocontá settlements [36]
Choconta elliptica species froghopper Chocontá settlements [36]
Choconta juno species froghopper Chocontá settlements [36]
Choconta peruana species froghopper Chocontá settlements [36]
Protexamites cucaitaense fossil (K) flora Cucaita settlements [38]
Dendropsophus garagoensis species frog Garagoa settlements [39]
Anapis guasca species spider Guasca settlements [40]
Dognina guasca species moth Guasca settlements [41]
Deinopis guasca species spider Guasca settlements [42]
Platypterygius sachicarum fossil (K) ichthyosaur Sáchica settlements [43]
Zephyranthes susatana species fern Susatá settlements [44]
Bacumorphomonocolpites tausae fossil (K-Pg) pollen Tausa settlements [38]
Spinozonocolpites tausae fossil (K-Pg) pollen Tausa settlements [38]
Pseudoosterella ubalaensis fossil (K) ammonite Ubalá settlements [45][46]
Leptoceras ublanese fossil (K) ammonite Ubalá settlements [45]
Geonomites zipaquirensis fossil (K-Pg) flora Zipaquirá settlements [38]
Kronosaurus boyacensis fossil (K) pliosaur Boyacá departments
Kronosaurus boyacensis fossil.jpg
Subsaynella boyacaensis fossil (K) ammonite Boyacá departments [48]
Archaeopaliurus boyacensis fossil (K-Pg) rose Boyacá departments [49]
Cyclotrypa boyaca fossil (D) bryozoa Boyacá departments [50]
Leptaena boyaca fossil (D) lamp shell Boyacá departments [51]
Hirtudiscus boyacensis species snail Boyacá departments [52]
Meteorus boyacensis species wasp Boyacá departments [53]
Isoetes boyacensis species quillwort Boyacá departments [54]
Agrostis boyacensis species grass Boyacá departments [55]
Lepanthes boyacensis species orchid Boyacá departments [56]
Senecio boyacensis species ragwort Boyacá departments [57]
Ageratina boyacensis species snakeroot Boyacá departments [58]
Aphelandra boyacensis species shrub Boyacá departments [59]
Festuca boyacensis species grass Boyacá departments [60]
Calamagrostis boyacensis species grass Boyacá departments [61]
Quercus boyacensis species oak Boyacá departments [62]
Puya boyacana species bromeliad Boyacá departments [63]

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