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This is a list of flora of the Lower Colorado River Valley (LCRV). The Lower Colorado River Valley is a floristic subdivision of the Sonoran Desert geographic region of the Southwestern United States. It includes plants that grow in the LCRV in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. This area of the Sonoran Desert has unique plant communities because it is it is the most arid part of the desert and it has the highest temperatures, in excess of 120 °F during the summer. The low humidity means that most plants must have mechanisms that deal with severe water loss through evaporation. The soils tend to be typical desert soils, coarse and without well-developed organic horizons, and plants can only obtain soil water during and very soon after the infrequent rains.[1]

Flora common to the LCRV include Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) and wildflower species.

List of flora[edit]

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List of wildflowers[edit]

Flowers: Tree-related, cacti, etc.:

Mojave Desert flowers related with LCRV region:
(Eastern Mojave Desert)

List of Sonoran Desert/LCRV plants by binomial[edit]

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