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This is a list of association football clubs located in Cameroon. For a complete list see Category:Football clubs in Cameroon


Besters academy

Bamenda FC















A total of 28 clubs compete in the top two tiers of the football pyramid, divided as follows:

Below the top two divisions are ten regional leagues contested by a varying number of clubs:

  • Centre Division (Championnat Régional du Centre) – for clubs in the Centre Region
  • Littoral Division (Championnat Régional du Littoral) – for clubs in the Littoral Region
  • South Division (Championnat Régional du Sud) – for clubs in the South Region
  • Southwest Division (Championnat Régional du Sud-Ouest) – for clubs in the Southwest Region
  • West Division (Championnat Régional de l'Ouest) – for clubs in the West Region
  • East Division (Championnat Régional de l'Est) – for clubs in the East Region
  • Far North Division (Championnat Régional du Extrême-Nord) – for clubs in the Far North Region
  • Adamawa Division (Championnat Régional de l'Adamaoua) – for clubs in the Adamawa Region
  • Northwest Division (Championnat Régional du Nord-Ouest) – for clubs in the Northwest Region
  • North Division (Championnat Régional du Nord) – for clubs in the North Region


Club City / Town Region
Foudre Sportive d'Akonolinga Akonolinga Centre
Unisport FC Bafang West
Cosmos de Bafia Bafia Centre
Foundation Rapheal Foe FC Douala Littoral
RC Bafoussam Bafoussam West
Fovu Club Baham West
National Polytechnic Bambui FC Bambui North-West
FC Bamenda Bamenda North-West
PWD Bamenda Bamenda North-West
Yong Sports Academy FC Bamenda North-West
Feutcheu FC Bandjoun West
Panthère Sportive du Ndé FC Bangangté West
Sable FC Batié West
Avenir FC Bertoua East
AS Cetef de Bonabéri Bonabéri Littoral
Mount Cameroon FC Buéa South-West
Association Sportive Matelots Douala Littoral
Botafogo FC de Douala Douala Littoral
Caïman Akwa Club Douala Douala Littoral
Cameroon Douala Douala Littoral
CNIC-UIC de Douala Douala Littoral
Douala Athletic Club 2000 Douala Littoral
Dynamo Douala Douala Littoral
Kadji Sports Academy Douala Littoral
Les Astres FC de Douala Douala Littoral
New Star FC de Douala Douala Littoral
Oryx Club de Douala Douala Littoral
US Douala Douala Littoral
Aigle Royal de la Menoua Dschang West
FC International Lion Ngoma d'Ebolowa Ebolowa South
Coton Sport FC Garoua North
Roumdé Adjia FC Garoua North
Espérance FC Guider North
Santos FC de Koza Koza Far North
Luanvi FC Kumba South-West
Kumbo Strikers FC Kumbo North-West
Njalla Quan Sport Academy Limbé South-West
Union Mouvément Sportif of Loum Loum Littoral
Sahel FC de Maroua Maroua Far North
Scorpion FC de Mbé Mbé North
Bamboutos FC de Mbouda Mbouda West
APEJES FC de Mfou Mfou Centre
Olympic Mvolyé Mvolyé Centre
Girondins de Ngaoundéré Ngaoundéré Adamawa
Jeneusse Star FC Ngaoundéré Adamawa
Ngaoundéré University FC Ngaoundéré Adamawa
Renaissance FC de Ngoumou Ngoumou Centre
Akon FC Sangmélima South
Colombe Sangmélima Sangmélima South
Mayo Rey FC de Tcholliré Tcholliré North
Tiko United FC Tiko South-West
Danay FC Yagoua Far North
Achille FC Yaoundé Centre
AS Lausanne de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Canon Sportif de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Cintra de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Dragon Club Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Impôts FC Yaoundé Centre
Tonnerre Kalara Club de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre

(More teams could be added.) Bafut united fc north west Maumu Youth FC South West


First Division[edit]

Main article: Elite One (2011/2012)
Club City / town Region
Les Astres de Douala Douala Littoral
Caïman de Douala Douala Littoral
Canon de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Coton Sport FC Garoua North
AS Lausanne de Yaoundé Yaoundé Centre
Panthère Sportive du Ndé FC Bangangté West
Renaissance de Ngoumou Ngoumou Centre
Sable de Batié Batié West
Scorpion de Bé Garoua North
Tiko United FC Tiko Southwest
US Douala Douala Littoral
Unisport FC Bafang West
Université de Ngaoundéré Ngaoundéré Adamawa
Yong Sports Academy Bamenda Northwest

Second Division[edit]

Main article: Elite Two (2011/2012)
Club City / town Region
Fovu Club Baham West
AS Matelots FC Douala Littoral
Roumdé Adjia FC Garoua North
Apejes FC Mfou Centre
Achille FC Yaoundé Centre
Njala Quan Sports Academy Limbe Southwest
Sahel FC Maroua Far North
Tonnerre Kalara Club Yaoundé Centre
Douala AC Douala Littoral
Avenir FC Bertoua East
Aigle Royal de la Menoua Dschang West
CNIC UIC de Douala Douala Littoral
Mayo Rey FC de Tcholliré Tcholliré North
Santos de Koza Koza Far North

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