List of football clubs in Malaysia

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This is a list of football clubs located in Malaysia and the leagues and divisions they play in.

Professional league (Malaysian League)[edit]

The professional league is managed by Football Malaysia LLP.

Malaysia Super League (Division 1)[edit]

2016 season

Malaysia Premier League (Division 2)[edit]

2016 season

Semi-professional league[edit]

Malaysia FAM Cup (Division 3)[edit]

2016 season

Amateur league[edit]

Malaysia People's Football League (Division 4)[edit]

2015–16 season

North Zone[edit]

West Zone[edit]

Middle Zone 1[edit]

Middle Zone 2[edit]

South Zone[edit]

East Zone[edit]

Borneo Zone 1[edit]

Borneo Zone 2[edit]

States Leagues (Division 4-6)[edit]

Kedah League[edit]

Kuala Lumpur League[edit]

Melaka League[edit]

Division 1 (Division 4 in Malaysia)
Division 2 (Division 5 in Malaysia)

Selangor League[edit]

Former team[edit]