List of football stadiums in Iraq

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The following is a list of football stadiums in Iraq, ordered by capacity.

Current stadiums[edit]

Image Stadium Location Current Capacity Sport Occupant
Basra International Stadium.JPG Basra sports city
Main stadium
Basra 65,000 Football Iraq national football team
Al-Shaab Stadium (25).JPG Al Shaab Stadium Baghdad 34,000 Football
Karbala Sports City Karbala 30,000 Football Karbala FC
Franso Hariri Stadium Erbil 28,000 Football Erbil SC
Duhok Stadium Duhok 30,000 Football Dohuk FC
Kirkuk Olympic Stadium Kirkuk 30,000 Football
Maysan Stadium Amarah 25,000 Football
Basra sports city
Secondary stadium
Basra 20,000 Football
Al Zawraa Stadium Baghdad 15,000 Football Al Zawraa
Sulaymaniyah Stadium Sulaymaniyah 15,000 Football Sulaimaniya FC
An Najaf Stadium Najaf 10,000 Football Najaf FC
An Nasiriyah Stadium Nasiriya 10,000 Football Nassriya FC
Kashafa Stadium Al Kasrah, Baghdad 10,000 Football
Al Ramadi Stadium Ramadi 10,000 Football Ramadi FC
Samaraa Stadium Samarra 10,000 Football Samarra FC
Al Ba'quba Stadium Baqubah 7,000 Football Diyala FC
Al Mosul University Stadium Mosul 7,000 Football Mosul FC
Al Karkh Stadium1 (1).JPG Al Karkh Stadium Mansour, Baghdad 6,000 Football Al-Karkh
Al Sina'a Stadium Habibiya, Baghdad 6,000 Football Al-Sinaa
Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya Stadium Rusafa, Baghdad 6,000 Football Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
Zakho Stadium Zakho 6,000 Football Zakho FC
Al Masafi Stadium Baghdad 5,000 Football Al-Masafi
Karbalaa Stadium Karbala 5,000 Football Karbalaa FC
Al Diwaniya Stadium Diwaniya 5,000 Football Al-Diwaniya FC
Baghdad Stadium Mansour, Baghdad 5,000 Football Baghdad FC
Al Naft Stadium Hayy Ur, Baghdad 3,000 Football Al-Naft

Future stadiums[edit]

Stadiums which are currently in development, and are likely to open in the near future, include:

Stadium Location Capacity Sport Occupant Notes
Tajiat Stadium Baghdad 60,000 Football Under construction
New Minaa Stadium Basra 30,000 Football Al-Minaa Under construction; opening 2014
New Najaf Stadium Najaf 30,000 Football Najaf FC Under construction;opening 2014
Al Rusafa Stadium Baghdad 30,000 Football; Under construction; opening 2015
New Babil Stadium Babil 30,000 Football Under construction
Al Sadr City Stadium Baghdad 30,000 Football Under construction; opening 2014
New Diwaniya Stadium Diwaniyah 30,000 Football Al-Diwaniya FC Under construction
New Nasiriyah Stadium Nasiriyah 30,000 Football An Nasiriyah FC Under construction
Al kut stadium Al Kut 20,000 Football Al-Kut FC Under construction
Al Shorta Sports City Baghdad 10,000 Football Al-Shorta Under construction; stadium itself opens in 2014, entire sports city opens in 2016

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