List of foreign Primeira Liga players

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This is a list of foreign players that have played in the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

Players in bold are the ones that have international caps for their senior national team. Clubs in bold are the current clubs of those players.

Albania Albania[edit]

Algeria Algeria[edit]

Angola Angola[edit]

Argentina Argentina[edit]

Australia Australia[edit]

Austria Austria[edit]

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan[edit]

Barbados Barbados[edit]

Belarus Belarus[edit]

Belgium Belgium[edit]

Benin Benin[edit]

Bolivia Bolivia[edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso[edit]

Cameroon Cameroon[edit]

Canada Canada[edit]

Cape Verde Cape Verde[edit]

Chad Chad[edit]

Chile Chile[edit]

Colombia Colombia[edit]

Congo (Brazaville) Republic of the Congo[edit]

Congo, Democratic Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo (including the Belgian Congo and Zaire)[edit]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[edit]

Croatia Croatia[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

Ecuador Ecuador[edit]

Egypt Egypt[edit]

El Salvador El Salvador[edit]

England England[edit]

Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea[edit]

(*): In those years, he was a footballer of Brazilian nationality.

Estonia Estonia[edit]

Finland Finland[edit]

France France[edit]

Gabon Gabon[edit]

Georgia Georgia (country)[edit]

Germany Germany[edit]

Ghana Ghana[edit]

Greece Greece[edit]

Guadeloupe Guadeloupe[edit]

Guinea Guinea[edit]

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau[edit]

Haiti Haiti[edit]

Honduras Honduras[edit]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

Iceland Iceland[edit]

Indonesia Indonesia[edit]

Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland[edit]

Iran Iran[edit]

Israel Israel[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Ivory Coast Ivory Coast[edit]

Japan Japan[edit]

Korea, Republic South Korea[edit]

Liberia Liberia[edit]

Liechtenstein Liechtenstein[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Macedonia Republic of Macedonia[edit]

Madagascar Madagascar[edit]

Malaysia Malaysia[edit]

Mali Mali[edit]

Malta Malta[edit]

Mauritius Mauritius[edit]

Mexico Mexico[edit]

Montenegro Montenegro[edit]

Morocco Morocco[edit]

Mozambique Mozambique[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

Nigeria Nigeria[edit]

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland[edit]

Norway Norway[edit]

Palestine State of Palestine[edit]

Panama Panama[edit]

Paraguay Paraguay[edit]

Peru Peru[edit]

Poland Poland[edit]

Qatar Qatar[edit]

Romania Romania[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

Saint Lucia Saint Lucia[edit]

São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]

Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia[edit]

Scotland Scotland[edit]

Senegal Senegal[edit]

Serbia Serbia[edit]

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone[edit]

Slovakia Slovakia[edit]

Slovenia Slovenia[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

Suriname Suriname[edit]

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Switzerland Switzerland[edit]

Tanzania Tanzania[edit]

Timor-Leste East Timor[edit]


Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]

Turkey Turkey[edit]

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

United States United States[edit]

Uruguay Uruguay[edit]

Venezuela Venezuela[edit]

Vietnam Vietnam[edit]

Wales Wales[edit]

Zambia Zambia[edit]


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