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This is a list of foreign players in the Primera Division, which began league play in 1933. The following players must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have played at least one Primera División game. Players who were signed by Primera División clubs, but only played in lower league, cup and/or international matches, or did not play in any competitive games at all, are not included.
  2. Are considered foreign, i.e., outside Nicaragua, if he is not eligible to play for the Nicaragua national team.

More specifically,

  • If a player has been capped on international level, the national team is used; if he has been capped by more than one country, the highest level (or the most recent) team is used. These include Nicaragua players with dual citizenship.
  • If a player has not been capped on international level, his country of birth is used, except those who were born abroad from Nicaragua parents or moved to Nicaragua at a young age, and those who clearly indicated to have switched his nationality to another nation.

Clubs listed are those the player has played at least one Primera División game for. Seasons listed are those the player has played at least one Primera División game in.

In bold: players who have played at least one Primera División game in the current season (2011–12), and the clubs they've played for. They include players who have subsequently left the club, but do not include current players of a Pro League club who have not played a Primera División game in the current season.

In Italics: Players who have represented their national team

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