List of foreign delegations at the 9th SED Congress

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Below is the list of foreign delegations attending the 9th Congress of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (Socialist Unity Party of Germany), held in Berlin November 17–21 1986. Names of heads of delegations in brackets.

SED symbol
Yasser Arafat, Palestinian president
Schafik Handal, El Salvador, then part of the FMLN Supreme Command, runner-up in the presidential elections 2004

And other delegations of illegal parties participated.

The General People's Congress of Libya could not attend due to the American military intervention at home.


  • CC: Central Committee
  • CCS: Secretary of the Central Committee
  • CEC: Central Executive Committee
  • MP: Member of Parliament
  • PB: Politburo Member
  • PC: Political Commission