List of foreign football players in Malta

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This category is for non-Maltese footballers who currently play or have played in any of the Maltese leagues. The list includes also players that earned Maltese nationality during the years since being Maltese or marrying an Maltese wife. Players with two different nationalities are written in both of the countries. (As to January 19, 2010)


Albania Albania[edit]

Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

England England[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Finland Finland[edit]

France France[edit]

Germany Germany[edit]

Georgia Georgia (country)[edit]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

Ireland Republic of Ireland[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Latvia Latvia[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Montenegro Montenegro[edit]

Macedonia Republic of Macedonia[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

Portugal Portugal[edit]

Romania Romania[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

Scotland Scotland[edit]

Serbia Serbia[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]


Angola Angola[edit]

Benin Benin[edit]

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso[edit]

Central African Republic Central African Republic[edit]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea[edit]

Ghana Ghana[edit]

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau[edit]

Nigeria Nigeria[edit]

Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo[edit]

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone[edit]

Somalia Somalia[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]

South American[edit]

Argentina Argentina[edit]

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Uruguay Uruguay[edit]

Central American and Caribbeans[edit]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[edit]

Curaçao Curaçao[edit]

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic[edit]

Jamaica Jamaica[edit]


Australia Australia[edit]

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]