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This is a list of foreign television channels available in Canada. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulates which television channels are allowed to air in Canada. Although the vast majority of television channels available in Canada are Canadian-owned and operated, the CRTC allows certain foreign-owned channels to be broadcast in Canada.

In order for a non-Canadian station/channel to broadcast in Canada it must first listed by the CRTC on the listed as authorized on the List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution. Cable and satellite companies are only allowed to carry the foreign services that are contained in the list. Also, not every channel on the list is currently carried by BDU's, it is up to their discretion to decide what channels they are interested in offering to consumers.

On June 30, 2011, the CRTC introduced new policy whereby the 'lists of eligible satellite services' would be consolidated into one list to be known as the 'List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution'[1]

List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution[edit]

Although the CRTC has combined all stations/channels together, the list below has been separated into sections to distinguish between the various types of services that are contained in the list. The sections are as follows: American over-the-air stations, American specialty channels & foreign specialty channels:

American over-the-air services eligible for national distribution[edit]

Up to one channel from each network can be carried by a Class 1, 2, or 3 cable company on the basic service of a cable company that cannot receive an acceptable signal from that network. As well, the CRTC has authorized most cable companies to carry a second American network feed from another time zone on a digital discretionary basis.

Affiliations are as listed by the CRTC.

  • 1WBTS-LD was authorized for distribution by the CRTC on December 20, 2016, and replaced WHDH as the NBC affiliate on January 1, 2017.[2][3]
  • 2WHDH's NBC affiliation expired on January 1, 2017, but the station still remains authorized for distribution.
  • 3While listed by the CRTC as a Fox affiliate, WFTC (a current-day MyNetworkTV owned-and-operated station) has not served as such since 2002, when KMSP-TV became the Twin Cities O&O of Fox in September 2002. Since neither station has been carried in Canada since the affiliation change (in fact, it is not clear if WFTC was ever carried in Canada), there has been no reason to fix this "error" to date.

American Superstations eligible for national distribution[edit]

WUAB merged their spectrum on January 8, 2018 with sister station WOIO as a result of the American FCC spectrum auction; it is currently unknown if its eligibility will be affected in Canada by this.

Foreign specialty channels[edit]

BOLD denotes those stations/channels that are currently broadcasting in Canada, available via cable or satellite.

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