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This is a list of forests in Denmark.


In the year 2000, Denmark had 4860 km², corresponding to 11% of the Danish territory. Of this, 69% was located in Jutland while 31% was located on the islands. 63% was coniferous forest while 37% was broadleaf forest.[1]

The 10 largest forests in Denmark[edit]

In 2004 the Danish Forest and Nature Agency published this list of the 10 largest forests in Denmark:[1]

Forests of Denmark by area
Rank Forest Area (km²) Location
1. Silkeborgskovene 224.00 Central Jutland
2. Rold Skov 80.00 Himmerland
3. Klosterheden 64.00 Western Jutland
4. Gribskov 55.00 Northern Zealand
5. Almindingen 50.00 Bornholm
6. Kompedal PlantageAlhedens Skov 46.00 Central Jutland
7. Løvenholm, Fjeld, Ramten and others 43.00 Central Jutland
8. Vesterskov, Thorsø, Sønderskov, Rye Nørreskov and others 41.00 Central Jutland
9. Skramsø, Skærsø, Lyngsbæk and others 40.00 Djursland
10. Slagelseskovene 39.00 Central Zealand
10. Tvorup, Nystrup, Vandet plantager 39.00 Thy

Forests in Denmark[edit]


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