Forests in Lithuania

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Bubiai-Padubysis-Forest, Šiauliai
Regionalpark Pavilniai, Pūčkoriai

Forests in Lithuania cover approximately 33% of Lithuania′s territory. Of these, about 50% are publicly owned, and 30% are privately owned; the remainder is reserved for possible future privatization. The dominant species are Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) (42%) and spruce (Picea abies) (22.8%). The average age of the forest stands is 53 years. The largest forest is Dainava Forest at 1,350 km2.[1]

Largest forests Area (km²)
Ažvinčiai-Minčia Forest 220
Biržai Forest 181
Dainava Forest (Druskininkai–Varėna Forest) 1,350
Gaižiūnai Forest (Rumšiškės–Gaižiūnai Forests) 304
Kapčiamiestis Forest 277
Karšuva Forest (Smalininkai–Viešvilė Forests) 427
Kazlų Rūda Forests 587
Kuliai Forests 161
Labanoras Forest (Labanoras–Pabradė Forests) 911
Lavoriškės Forest (Lavoriškės–Nemenčinė Forests) 310
Pagramantis Forest (Pagramantis–Didkiemis Forests)
Rietavas Forests (Žadvainiai–Lėgai Forests) 209
Rūdininkai Forest 375
Rūdiškiai Forests (Inkleriškės–Rūdiškiai Forests) 195
Šimonys Forest 135
Taujėnai Forest
Teneniai Forest
Žagarė Forest
Žalioji Forest 190


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