List of Justices of the Florida Supreme Court

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This is a list of Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida, with their tenure of service on the Court.

Current Justices[edit]

Name[1] Appointed Chief Justice Term expiration Mandatory retirement Appointing Governor
Barbara J. Pariente December 10, 1997 2004–2006 2019 2019 Lawton Chiles, Democrat
R. Fred Lewis December 7, 1998 2006–2008 2019 2019 Lawton Chiles, Democrat
Peggy A. Quince December 8, 1998 2008–2010 2019 2019 Lawton Chiles, Democrat/ Jeb Bush, Republican[2]
Charles T. Canady August 28, 2008 2010-2012 2023 2024 Charlie Crist, Republican
Ricky Polston October 1, 2008 2012-2014 2023 2026 Charlie Crist, Republican
Jorge Labarga January 2, 2009 2014 to present 2023 2023 Charlie Crist, Republican
C. Alan Lawson December 31, 2016 2019 2031 Rick Scott, Republican

Former Justices[edit]

Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida in the 1950s
Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida in 2017
Justice[3] Years served Chief Justice Reason for leaving
Thomas Douglas 1846–1850 & 1854–1855 Yes Died in Office
Thomas Baltzell 1846–1850 & 1854–1860 Yes Defeated
George S. Hawkins 1846–1850 No
George W. MacRae 1847 No
Joseph B. Lancaster 1848–1850 No
Walker Anderson 1851–1853 Yes Resigned
Leslie A. Thompson 1851–1853 Defeated
Albert G. Semmes 1851–1853
Benjamin D. Wright 1853 Defeated
Charles H. DuPont 1854–1868 Yes
Bird M. Pearson 1856–1859 Yes Did not run for reelection
William A. Forward 1860–1865 Did not run for reelection
David S. Walker 1860–1865 Resigned
Augustus Maxwell 1865–1866 & 1887–1891 Yes 1866 Resigned, 1890 Did not run for reelection
James McNair Baker 1865–1868
Samuel J. Douglas 1866–1868
Edwin M. Randall 1868–1885 Yes Resigned
Ossian B. Hart 1868–1873 Elected Governor of Florida
James D. Westcott, Jr. 1868–1885 No Resigned
Franklin D. Fraser 1873–1874 Resigned
Robert Van Valkenburgh 1875–1888 Died in Office
George G. McWhorter 1885–1887 Resigned
George P. Raney 1885–1894 Resigned
Henry L. Mitchell 1888–1891 Resigned
R. Fenwick Taylor 1891–1925 Yes Retired
Milton H. Mabry 1891–1903 Did not run for reelection
Benjamin S. Liddon 1894–1896 Resigned
Francis B. Carter 1897–1905 Resigned
Thomas M. Shackleford 1902–1917 Resigned
Robert S. Cockrell 1902–1917 Defeated
Evelyn C. Maxwell 1902–1904 Resigned
William A. Hocker 1903–1915 Did not run for reelection
James B. Whitfield 1904–1943 Retired
Charles B. Parkhill 1905–1911 Resigned
William H. Ellis 1915–1938 Retired
Jefferson B. Browne 1917–1925 Resigned
Thomas F. West 1917–1925 Resigned
William Glenn Terrell 1923–1964 Yes Died in Office
Armstead Brown 1925–1946 Retired
Louie W. Strum 1925–1931 Appointed to Federal District Court
Rivers H. Buford 1925–1948 Retired
Fred H. Davis 1931–1937 Died in Office
Roy H. Chapman 1937–1952 Died in Office
Elwyn Thomas 1938–1969 Retired
Alto Adams 1940–1951 & 1967–1968 1951 Resigned, 1968 Resigned
Harold L. "Tom" Sebring 1943–1955 Yes Appointed Dean of Stetson College of Law
Paul D. Barns 1946–1949 Retired
T. Frank Hobson 1948–1962 Retired
B.K. Roberts 1949–1976 Yes Retired
John E. Mathews 1951–1955 Died in Office
E. Harris Drew 1952–1971 Retired
B. Campbell Thornal 1955–1970 Died in Office
Stephen C. O'Connell 1955–1967 Yes Appointed University of Florida President
Millard F. Caldwell 1962–1969 Yes Mandatory retirement
Richard W. Ervin 1964–1975 Retired
Wade L. Hopping 1968–1969 No Defeated
Vassar B. Carlton 1969–1974 Retired
James C. Adkins 1969–1987 Yes Mandatory retirement
Joseph A. Boyd Jr. 1969–1987 Yes Mandatory retirement
David L. McCain 1970–1975 No Resigned before impeachment
Hal P. Dekle 1971–1975 No Resigned before impeachment
Ben F. Overton 1974–1999 Yes Mandatory retirement
Arthur J. England, Jr. 1975–1981 Yes Resigned
Alan C. Sundberg 1975–1982 Yes Resigned
Joseph W. Hatchett 1975–1979 No Appointed to U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
Frederick B. Karl 1977–1978 No Resigned
James E. Alderman 1978–1985 Yes Resigned
Parker Lee McDonald 1979–1994 Yes Retired
Raymond Ehrlich 1981–1991 Yes Mandatory retirement
Leander J. Shaw, Jr. 1983–2003 Yes Mandatory retirement
Rosemary Barkett 1985–1994 Yes Appointed to U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
Stephen H. Grimes 1987–1997 Yes Mandatory retirement
Gerald Kogan 1987–1998 Yes Retired
Major B. Harding 1991–2002 Yes Retired
Harry Lee Anstead 1994–2009 Yes Mandatory retirement
Charles T. Wells 1994–2009 Yes Mandatory retirement
Raoul G. Cantero, III 2002–2008 No Returned to private practice
Kenneth B. Bell 2003–2008 No Returned to private practice
James E.C. Perry 2009–2016 No Mandatory retirement

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