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This is a list of former attractions at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Rides and Attractions[edit]

Dragon Challenge[edit]

Dragon Challenge opened with the park in 1999 under the name Dueling Dragons. Two inverted roller coasters named Fire and Ice would run together and meet up in three near-miss elements. After the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter opened in 2010 the ride was renamed and rethemed to Dragon Challenge; with the Fire and Ice dragons being changed to Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail respectively. After an incident in 2011, the Universal announced the coasters would no longer duel. The ride closed on September 4, 2017, and demolition began less than a week later.

Island Skipper Tours[edit]

Island Skipper Tours opened with the park in 1999. Boats hosted by employee "skippers" traveled across the central lagoon of the park, and were accessible from both the Port of Entry and Dinosaur Lagoon areas. This ride was removed in 2001 due to upkeep cost.

Mat Hoffman's Freakin Crazy Stunt Show[edit]

Mat Hoffman's Freakin Crazy Stunt Show was a BMX themed stunt show in Toon Lagoon. The show, which starred Mat Hoffman, operated from 2002 through to 2004. It was discontinued due to various issues and the reactions of the inappropriate word in the title "freakin" to the general public and was later replaced with Mat Hoffman's Aggro Circus.

Triceratops Encounter[edit]

Triceratops Encounter originally closed at Universal Orlando in 2003, only to be reopened again in 2010 under a new name, Discovery Trail. The ride closed at Universal Orlando again soon thereafter. It opened at Universal Orlando once again in 2011 under its real name. It wasn't long before the attraction permanently closed at Universal Studios Florida in 2012. A small part of the attraction would be used for the Raptor Encounter before 2019.[citation needed]

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad[edit]

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad was a live-action stunt show located in the Arabian marketplace section of The Lost Continent. The show performed for the last time on September 15th, 2018 and Universal has yet to announce its plans for a potential replacement.

Revised attractions[edit]

Poseidon's Fury[edit]

The Lost Continent's special effects show, originally had a different storyline. In this first version, an old tour guide known as The Keeper wove a tale about the great lost city of Atlantis and an epic battle between Zeus and Poseidon. The Keeper led guests to the Temple of Poseidon, where the evil god appeared and welcomed guests to their new permanent home. The Keeper revealed himself to be Zeus in disguise and, after an effects-laden battle, defeated Poseidon before transporting guests back to the chamber in which the show had started. Based on guest polling data, Universal decided to revise the attraction story. Now, guests meet Taylor, a nerdy archaeologist, who guides them through the attraction, albeit slightly differently. Upon reaching the lost city, the party is captured by Darkenon, a new evil god-like being. Fortunately, Poseidon, a benevolent god in this version, comes to the guests' rescue thanks to Taylor's assistance and defeats Darkenon. While Poseidon's Fury's plot has changed, its arsenal of special effects has remained intact. The battles use water projection screens, fire and water effects, and high-speed set-changing technology.[1]

Toon Lagoon show arena[edit]

Over in Toon Lagoon, the island's show arena has hosted numerous presentations. Originally, it featured a live show, named Pandemonium Cartoon Circus, with the various cartoon characters of Toon Lagoon. It was replaced in 2002 by a BMX stunt show, Mat Hoffman's Freakin Crazy Stunt Show. It was the home studio of NBC's iVillage Live television show until June 29, 2007. In March 2010, a show titled Mat Hoffman's Aggro Circus featuring BMX bike tricks started.


The Lost Continent once had a third section, known as Merlinwood, which held the Flying Unicorn and Dueling Dragons roller coasters. This area has been demolished for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with its attractions incorporated into the Harry Potter universe as Flight of the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge.

The Incredible Hulk[edit]

In August 2015, Universal Orlando announced that The Incredible Hulk roller coaster would undergo major refurbishment that would involve the addition of new trains, a new storyline and a completely new ride experience. The ride had operated since opening day and closed on 8 September 2015 for its refurbishment. The refurbishment later saw the ride get completely retracked, the ride receiving a new onboard soundtrack composed by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and the ride's storyline being changed alongside an updated queue line. The ride reopened with these changes on 4 August 2016.

Altered concepts[edit]

Sylvester McMonkey McBean's Very Unusual Driving Machine[edit]

Sylvester McMonkey McBean's Very Unusual Driving Machine was an attraction due to open with Islands of Adventure on May 28, 1999. It was to be a twin-track ride above Seuss Landing where guests would board individual cars which featured rider controlled speeds.[2] However, it was pushed back due to contractual disputes and safety issues. Although Universal very tentatively tried to set the ride's opening date for summer of 2001, the bankruptcy of the ride's original manufacturer, Severn Lamb,[3] postponed its opening indefinitely in 2002. As such, the original vehicles for the ride were removed, and replaced by Seuss characters on cars which would run along the track. In 2006, the ride and track were re-built and re-designed as The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride.

Former services[edit]


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