List of former Jesuit secondary schools in the United States

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Name of Former Jesuit Secondary School Location (City, State) Year Founded by Jesuits Year Closed/Relinquished by Jesuits Status Current Name Notes
Jesuit High School Shreveport LA 1902 1982 Relinquished control to Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Shreveport [1] Loyola College Prep [2] Founded by Jesuits as St. John's College; name changed to St. John's High School, Jesuit High School (1960), and Loyola College Prep (1982).
Cranwell Preparatory School Lenox MA 1939 1975 Closed --- Property currently operating as a resort and spa.
Brooklyn Preparatory School Brooklyn NY 1908 1972 Closed ---
Marquette High School Yakima WA 1968 Merged with St. Joseph's Academy for Girls and Central Catholic High School to become Carroll High School, which closed in 1986 [3] --- ---
Campion High School Prairie du Chien WI 1880 1975 Closed --- The Wisconsin Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church purchased the property in 1976 for $2.8 million and operated the Martin Luther Preparatory School (MLPS) from 1978 to 1994. The State of Wisconsin purchased the facility in 1995 for $2.5 million to be used as a Juvenile Correctional Institution for nonassaultive male youthful offenders. [4]
Jesuit High School El Paso TX 1960 1972 Closed --- Building sold to Ysleta Independent School District and used as Hillcrest Junior High School from 1975. Building later abandoned and burned in the 1990s. [5]
St. Joseph's College St. Paul OR 1843 1849 Closed [6] --- ---
Bishop's Latin School [7] Pittsburgh PA 1961 1973 Closed [8] --- ---
Bishop Connolly High School Fall River MA 1967 1995 Relinquished control to Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River --- School has, throughout its history, been owned by Roman Catholic Diocese of Fall River but was staffed by the Society of Jesus from its founding (1967) until the Jesuits' withdrawal (1995). Known alternately as Bishop Connolly Jesuit College Preparatory School from 1987 through 1995. Former Bishop Gerrard High School (for girls) merged into Bishop Connolly c. 1982, making Bishop Connolly one of the nation's first co-educational Jesuit high schools. (Bishop Gerrard, operated on the campus of the former Mount Saint Mary Academy [Religious Sisters of Mercy], was itself the product of a c. 1973 merger between that school, the former Jesus Mary Academy [Religious of Jesus and Mary], Sacred Hearts Academy [Holy Union Sisters of the Sacred Hearts] and the high school of Dominican Academy [Dominican Sisters of the Presentation].) Former Msgr. Prevost High School (Brothers of Christian Instruction) moved to Bishop Connolly building in 1968 and merged into Bishop Connolly in 1972.