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This is a list of rides, attractions and themes from Kings Island that no longer exist in the park.

Former roller coasters[edit]

Ride Year Opened Year Closed Manufacturer
Description Ref(s)
The Bat 1981 1983 Arrow Development
Prototype suspended coaster. Although intense, the ride had a fair share of downtime as a result of the designers not banking the track as they did with later suspended coasters. This concept was reintroduced with Top Gun (later renamed Flight Deck) in 1993, which was significantly more reliable. The Bat closed in 1983 and was demolished in 1984. It was replaced with Vortex, the world's first six-looping roller coaster, which opened in 1987. The Bat's name would eventually be reused, as Flight Deck was renamed The Bat for the 2014 season. [1]
Bavarian Beetle 1972 1979 SDC
A steel roller coaster. Originally operated at Coney Island, Cincinnati, Ohio, as Galaxi (1970–1971). [2]
King Cobra 1984 2001 TOGO Prototype Stand-up roller coaster. It was the first stand up coaster with a loop in the United States. It was taken down in 2002 because TOGO had gone out of business making it harder to find new parts. King Cobra's track was scrapped in December 2006, the cars used to be stored inside Flight of Fear's enclosed bowl until 2012 when they were sent to Kings Dominion to be used on Shockwave. The Crypt ride assembly now occupies that space. [3]
Screamin' Demon 1977 1987 Arrow Development Also known as The Demon. First looping roller coaster at Kings Island and one of the first in the country to run forwards and backwards through a loop. The ride was sold and relocated to Camden Park in West Virginia where it was renamed to Thunderbolt Express. It last operated there in 1999 and was demolished in November 2004. [4]
Scooby's Ghoster Coaster 1998 2005 Caripo
Prototype suspended roller coaster (billed as the first suspended coaster for kids). The ride had poor capacity and roughness complaints. Removed prior to the 2006 season as a part of the change from Hanna-Barbera Land to Nickelodeon Universe. [5]
Son of Beast 2000 2009 Werner Stengel
/Roller Coaster Corporation of America
Son of Beast was the first wooden roller coaster with a vertical loop and at the time the only wooden hypercoaster. In response to 27 injuries that occurred on July 9, 2006,[6] Cedar Fair installed lighter trains acquired from the Hurricane: Category 5 roller coaster at the former Myrtle Beach Pavilion and removed the loop in order for the new trains to complete the circuit. It reopened on July 4, 2007, but closed indefinitely on June 23, 2009, following another injury report.[7] Park officials confirmed on March 15, 2010, that they had no plan to reopen the ride.[8] It was removed from Kings Island's park map and the ride list on the official web site in early 2010.[9][10] After reviewing all options, Kings Island officials announced on July 27, 2012, that Son of Beast would be taken down to allow for more park expansion.[11][12] The lift hill was demolished on November 20, 2012, at 11:02 a.m. ET. An inverted roller coaster, Banshee, was opened on the former Son of Beast site on April 18, 2014. [13]

Former rides[edit]

Antique Cars 1997 Manufacturer
Baba Looey's Buggies 1982 2005 Located in the South Pie section of Hanna-Barbera Land, these were simple handcars on a track. Removed to make way for the Nickelodeon Universe expansion.
Bayern Curve 1973 1982 Schwarzkopf
(Bayern Kurve)
A ride in which passengers traveled on a bobsled running around a circular track. Closed in 1985 and moved to the newly constructed Australia's Wonderland, where it operated under the name Wizard's Fury until it was closed and demolished in 2002. Location occupied by Sling Shot.
Boo-Boo's Baggage Claim 1972 2005 Traver Ride located in Hanna-Barbera Land A version of the Tumble Bug ride for children. Removed to make way for the Nickelodeon Universe expansion.
Boo-Boo's Buggies 1972 1985 Hampton Motorcycle ride from Hanna-Barbera Land.
The Crypt 2002 2011 Huss
(Giant Top Spin)
An indoor top spin ride themed to the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider until the park was sold to Cedar Fair. The theme, musical soundtrack, and pre-show were all removed in 2008 as a result. Formerly known as Tomb Raider: The Ride (2002–2007).
Cuddle Up 1972 1976 Cuddle Up was a Cuddle Up/Crasy Daisy type ride located in Coney Island (now Coney Mall).
Der Spinning Keggers 1972 1989 Intamin
(Drunken Barrels)
A flat ride which consisted of rotating barrel-shaped cars. Replaced with landscaping behind Viking Fury.
Elephant rides bef 1981 1983 You could take a ride on an elephant located in the Wild Animal Safari section of the park.
Enchanted Voyage 1972 1991 A dark boat ride, akin to Disney's It's a Small World. In a building shaped like a giant TV set, guests sailed through several rooms featuring animatronics of new and old Hanna-Barbera characters. A very catchy theme song played throughout the ride, which included the lines "Yabba dabba dabba doo, bosom-buddy Barney too, and Scooby-Dooby where are you." In 1984, the ride (and the song) was completely changed over to a Smurf theme, and after 1991 the boats were removed altogether during the conversion to The Phantom Theater. Since then, the ride has weathered a couple more theme changes such as Scooby-Doo & The Haunted Castle in 2003 and its current theme Boo Blasters on Boo Hill in 2010.
Flight Commander 1990 1995 Intamin Flight trainer. A 32-year-old Ohio woman fell to her death from the ride in 1991; investigators determined that a design flaw in the seat divider that could allow a rider to slide into an unoccupied seat and become separated from the restraints.[14][15] The ride later reopened, but was closed following the 1995 season.
Flying Dutchman 1973 1991 HUSS A ride where shoe-shaped swings would rotate around a tower. Sold to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
Flying Eagles 1972 2004 Bisch-Rocco A Flying Skooters ride where the suspended passenger tubs would spin around a vertical axis. Removed to make way for Italian Job Stunt Track (now Backlot Stunt Coaster), then relocated to Carowinds as Danny Phantom's Phantom Flyers. 3-Point Challenge, a basketball game new in 2006, currently sits where the ride used to be. Originally located where the dodgems stand today and named Flying Scooters (1972–1986). Relocated Coney Island (1972).
Gulliver's Rub-A-Dub 1972 1981 Small water raft ride in Hanna-Barbera Land with a forest animal theme.
Huck's Hotrods 1998 2005 Carousel Car Ride. Relocated to Coney Island (2006–2007)
Halley's Comet 1972 1979 A Round Up style ride. Riders stood up against a metal cage-like wall inside a rapidly rotating "basket". When running, the ride gradually rose up to an angle. Located at the far end of the Coney Island (renamed Coney Mall in 1986), the ride was removed to make way for The Bat.
Jetson's Jet Orbiters 1972 2005 Removed in 2005 as a part of the Hanna-Barbera Land removal for Nick Universe.
Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal 1973 2000 Arrow Development An elevated log flume with a dual drop and hydro-jump. One of the first in the country to utilize a turntable loading system. It was removed to make room for Tomb Raider: The Ride.
Kikky Kangaroo 1972 Located in Hanna-Barbera Land.
Launch Pad 2003, 2005 2003, ????
Les Taxis 1972 2004 Arrow Development An antique car ride where guests could drive their own gas-powered car around the track, with help from a guide rail. Also known as "Antique Cars." Removed for Backlot Stunt Coaster (formerly Italian Job Stunt Coaster).
Lion Country Safari Monorail 1974 1993 Universal Mobility, Inc. An air-conditioned monorail system in Wild Animal Habitat, now Action Zone, that ran at ground level that allowed guests to view many wild animals. Kings Dominion also operated a similar attraction. The trains were later sold to Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, OH. Son of Beast was later built on part of the site. Known as Wild Animal Safari Monorail (1977–1983) Wild Animal Habitat Monorail (1983–1993)
McScrappy's Slide 1972 1994 A Giant Slide originally called Flying Carpet Slide, moved from Coney Island to the spot where Zephyr is today. Moved to Hanna Barbera Land in 1986 and renamed McScrappy's Slide. It operated near the present location of Flying Ace Aerial Chase until 1995, when it was removed to make way for the addition of Nickelodeon Splat City.
Motor Mouse 1972 Located in Hanna-Barbera Land
Ohio Overland Auto Livery 1972 1997 Arrow Development Another antique car ride, this one intertwined with the previously mentioned Les Taxis. The Auto Livery last operated in 1997, but the ride was not removed until 2004 along with Les Taxis.
Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel 1982 1991 A ferris wheel most likely by Eli Bridge located immediately next to Festhaus.
Phantom Theater 1992 2002 D. H. Morgan Manufacturing Dark ride themed by R & R with animatronics by AVG Inc. A behind the scenes tour of an abandoned theater, where phantoms either helped or taunted riders. Used the omnimover system now employed by Boo Blasters on Boo Hill.
The Rotor 1972 1982 Chance Rides A ride where passengers lined a circular room. As the ride began to spin, the floor descended several feet, leaving riders held against the wall by centrifugal force. Removed for Festhaus.
Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle 2003 2009 D. H. Morgan Manufacturing Scooby-Doo themed dark ride. Rethemed as Boo Blasters on Boo Hill as part of the retheming of children's area in 2010. The removal of this ride theme marked the first time since the park's debut (38 years ago) that Scooby-Doo is not present in the park.
Skylab 1986 1997 HUSS Enterprise A ride with two seats in one car which would spin vertically like a fast moving Ferris wheel. Centrifugal force would cause the cars to go upside down.
Skyride 1972 1979 Von Roll A cable car skyride that took passengers from Oktoberfest (where Adventure Express' entrance is today), over the International Street fountains, to Hanna Barbera Land. The Station house still remains today as a merchandise store. Relocated from Coney Island Ohio (1965–1971).
Sunshine Turnpike 1972 1994 Arrow Development Yet another sports car ride, this one was located in Hanna Barbera Land. It was removed after the 1994 season, to make room for Nickelodeon Splat City (today's Nickelodeon Universe). Formerly known as Marathon Turnpike, Speed Buggy Turnpike.
Thunder Alley 1996 2012 R.E. Enterprises
(Two Seat Super Stock)
Pay-per-ride Go-kart racing track. Formerly known as XS Raceway (1996–1998), Days of Thunder (1999–2007). It was removed to make room for Banshee.
Tumble Bug 1972 1985 Harry Traver A 1920s classic that pulled linked cars around an undulating circular track, similar to Turtle at Kennywood Park. This was also the oldest ride to ever operate at the park. Relocated from Coney Island (1925–1971).
Wheel of Fortune 1972 prior to 1987 Chance Rides A Trabant ride themed as a roulette wheel next to Kings Mill Log Flume. Sold to Bland's Park (now DelGrosso's Amusement Park) in Pennsylvania.
Winnie Witch's Cauldrons 1972 1991 Small spinning teacup-like ride located between the First Aid Station and the then Flintstone's Boulder Bumpers
Zodiac 1975 1986 Intamin A double Ferris wheel. Unlike most Ferris wheels, this ride had a wheel mounted on each end of a massive hydraulic arm. While one wheel was rotating high up in the air, the other was perpendicular to the ground so that the cylindrical gondolas (which were suspended from finger-like spokes) could be loaded all at once. It closed in 1987, stood SBNO for two years, and was then removed in 1989 and replaced by Flight Commander the following year. It was relocated to Australia's Wonderland in Sydney, Australia, another Taft venture park, and was then demolished in 2004 when that park closed.

Former attractions[edit]

Antique Cars 1972 2004

The Antique Cars allowed you to drive an old-style gasoline car around a wooded course. It was two tracks, one with a station in Rivertown, and the other in Coney Mall.

Stadium of Stars 1977 A facility for visiting celebrity entertainers, constructed across from the American Heritage Music Hall.
Snoopy's Splash Dance 1995 2014 Walk-through water attraction. Formerly known as Nickelodeon Green Slime Zone (1995–2005) and SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bash (2006–2009).

The attraction was removed to make room for Woodstock Gliders, a classic flying scooters ride, and Snoopy's Space Buggies.

Back Porch Stage 2005 2008 Located in Rivertown, this stage was removed for the entrance to Diamondback. Before the stage was built this area was a walkway and bridge behind the International Showplace connecting the two areas.
Emergency Green Slime Shower 1995 2005 Introduced with Nickelodeon's Splat City, it was the slime shower in the middle of Nickelodeon's Green Slime Zone
Flight Team Aerial Helicopter Tours 2000 2003 Helicopter Tour of the park and surrounding area.
Kenton's Cove Canoes 1972 1972 Canoe on the ponds in Rivertown where Jan Brady lost the plans. This attraction was removed for construction of Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal.
Shawnee Landing 1972 1976 Canoe Next to Kenton's Cove Canoes. Removed for construction of The Beast.
Paramount Story 1996 2006 Walk though Garden area, also known as Tower Gardens(1978-). Has not been completely removed, but now only functions as a Smoking area.
Kings Island Theater 1972 1976 Air dome used as a theater. Collapsed from winter snow in 75-76 off season. Stood where tower gardens is now located.
Cinema 180 Theatre 1986 A 60 by 30-foot-high screen was designed to make viewers feel as though they were part of the action—whether this was pulling 5-G's while flying with the U.S. Air Force "Thunderbirds", flying over the Mt. St. Helen's crater, or feeling out of control on a run-away train.
Enchanted Theatre 1992 2005 500 seat children's theater in Hanna-Barbara Land located in the Phantom Theater building. This theater has since been the site of the Halloween attraction CarnEVIL.
Lazer Maze 1991 2015 Laser-tag in Coney Mall, Now replaced with Beam Buster
Aqua Arena 1972 1994 Was located behind the international showplace. A 2000-seat theater that featured dolphin shows called the Salt Water Circus in a 100,000 gallon tank. Also known as Stage 1 (1994-)
McScrappy's Farm 1982 1994 petting zoo located in Hanna-Barbara Land.

Jelly Bean Bowl 1982

Located in Hanna-Barbera Land.

Splash Island 1989 1996 Children's water play area in Waterworks. Had 3 water slides and a splash area. Removed for in the 1997 expansion.
Fast Tracks 1989 2003 A set of four different speed slides located in Waterworks. Each slide had a separate name; The Plunge, White Lighning, The Streak, and Thunder Run. Also known as FastTracks (??–2003). Replaced by the Coolangatta Racer.
Wild Animal Safari amphitheater Located in the Wild Animal Safari area of the park where Festhaus is now located
Hoedown Located in the Wild Animal Safari area of the park where Invertigo is now located.
Monkey Island 1974 1987 A group of islands that housed monkeys in Lion Country Safari. Located where Congo falls now stands.
Little Miami Dry Goods Store Located in Rivertown. Building was removed for Diamondback queue area. Also known as Boom Bang Kapow Inc.
Southern Seas Located next to the Salt Water Circus.
Elephant Fountain Was the centerpiece of Hanna-Barbara Land. Today it serves as a sign for the Jungle Jim's "World of Food" monorail formerly Lion Country Safari monorail.
Remote control cars and boats Located in Hanna-Barbara Land
Shaggy's Silly Sticks Located in Hanna-Barbara Land
Fool House Located in Hanna-Barbara Land
Hanna-Barbara Arcade Located in Hanna-Barbara Land
Woodland Theater Located in Hanna-Barbara Land. Was a puppet theater designed like a large tree called "Woody". There was a daily puppet show. Also known as the Puppet Tree Theater
Petting Zoo Located in Lion Country Safari.
Tram Service A Sohio tram that would take guests to and from the park entrance and parking areas.
Salt Water Circus 1974
International Air Show Show featured a hot air balloon launch, sky diving, and aerial acrobatics performed by two World War 1 biplanes.
Electric Shooting Gallery Located in Coney Island between where Coney refreshments and Juke Box Diner are located today. Building has been removed.
Nature Trail bef 1981 A walking nature trail located behind The Beast entrance.
Nairobi Nursery bef 1981 Animal Nursery in the Wild Animal Safari area.
African Queen bef 1981 Remote control boats in Wild Animal Safari.
Hanna-Barbera Amphitheater 1972 Stage located in Hanna-Barbera. Also known as Happy Theater
Yogi's Jamboree 1990 Kids play area in Hanna-Barberra.
Shady Maple Picnic Grove 1987 199? Located in the wooded area outside front gate
Boat Tag 1994 Located in Rivertown
Crystal Slime Aerobic Mining Maze 1995 ???? A kids climbing maze located in Nicelodeon Splat City.
The Slime Derrick 1995 ???? Tower that exploded with green water like the one located in Nickelodeon Studios Florida, located in Nicelodeon Splat City. Had a clock and pressure gauge to let you know when to expect the next explosion.
Green Slime Transfer Truck 1995 ???? A truck located in Nickelodeon Splat City with interactive buttons, levers, and valves.
Water Wars 1995 Located in Rivertown.
Winterfest 1982 1992 In 1982 Kings Island introduced a Christmas event called Winterfest, which ran from November 25 through December 31. The International Street fountain attraction was turned into an ice-skating rink, and for a few years a nightly laser light show was centered on the Eiffel Tower. Most rides were closed with the exception of a holiday-themed train ride, the Grand Carousel, hayrides, and the Enchanted Voyage. In earlier years, horse-drawn carriage rides existed as well. Special shops, restaurants, and other holiday-themed activities were also available. There were live holiday shows at both the American Heritage Music Hall (now the Kings Island Theater) and Festhaus. The event ended after the 1992 season, but made one additional appearance in 2005. A variety of reasons including low ticket sales prompted new owners Cedar Fair to shelve the idea.[16]

Former Halloween Haunt attractions[edit]

Former attraction Opened Closed Replaced by
Holiday Horror 2010 2014
Club Blood 2007 2014 Blackout

Former shows[edit]

Name Year Opened Year Closed Location
Apupetsho 1982 1982 Woodland Theater
Back to Country  ???? 1990 International Showplace
Bedrock Bedlam 1985 1986 Hanna-Barbera Amphitheater
Belly up to the Bar, Belles 1982 1983 Columbia Place
Blockbuster 1987  ???? Cinema 180 Theater
Breakaway 1985 1986 International Showplace
British Invasion 2012 2013 Festhaus
Can't Stop the Music  ???? 1981 International Showplace
Celebration 1982 1983 American Heritage Music Hall
Charlie Brown's Hoedown (Original Version) 2010 2010 PEANUTS Playhouse
Charlie Brown's Pirate Adventure 2011 2011 PEANUTS Playhouse
Charlie Brown's All-Stars 2012 2012 PEANUTS Playhouse
Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey 2013 2013 PEANUTS Playhouse
Cheers, The Show 1995  ???? Festhaus
City Rhyhm 1982 1982 American Heritage Music Hall
Country Music Showdown! 1984 1984 International Showplace
Crazy Wheels 1995  ???? Cinema 180 Theater
Cross-Country 1986 1986 International Showplace
Dancin' in the street 1993 1994 International Street Bandstand
Days of Thunder 1994 1996 Action Theater
Deep in the Heart of Country 1986
Delta Steamers 1987  ???? Royal Fountain Bandstand
Don't Stop The Music! 2009 2010 International Street Bandstand
Dora's Sing-A-Long Adventure 2007 2008 Nickelodeon Theater
Down Home Country 2009 2010 Festhaus
Dracula's Haunted Castle Action Theater - FearFest
Elvira's Superstition Action Theater - FearFest
Encore 1982 1982 International Showplace
Endless Summer: On Ice! 2007 2009 Kings Island Theater
Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus Of Magic & Mayhem Parts 1 & 2 2012 2013 Kings Island Theater
Escapade 1992 1992 Kings Island Theater
Fantasy 1987  ???? American Heritage Music Hall
Flapper Dapper Dixie Band 1978
Flashback: Totally 80's (Original Version) 2008 2009 International Showplace
Flight 747  ???? 1990 Cinema 180 Theater
Friend of a feather 1994 1994 Stage 1
Flintstones Family Christmas 1991  ???? American Heritage Music Hall - Winterfest
Flintstones Go Hollyrock  ???? 1993 Enchanted Theater
Fred's ABC Do Re Mi 1994 1994 Enchanted Theater
Freddie Flintstone's Bedrock Buddies  ???? 1990 Woodlands Amphitheater
Funhouse Express Action Theater - FearFest
Galaxy of Trills  ???? 1993 Cinema 180 Theater
Game On! 1994 1994 Festhaus
Ghouls Gone Wild 2008 2010 Festhaus - FearFest
Girls Night Out 2008 Festhaus
Gotta Dance 1984 1986 American Heritage Music Hall
Graveyard Shift 2011 Festhaus - FearFest
Grin "N" Bear It  ???? 1981 International Showplace
Hanna-Barbera Rockapalooza 1995  ???? Enchanted Theater
Happy Theatre 1972  ???? Hanna-Barbera
Hot Hits  ???? 1990 International Showplace
Hot Ice 1987  ???? Festhaus
Hot Island Rhythms 2007 2008 International Street Bandstand
House of Grove 1995  ???? International Showplace
I believe in Country 1982 1982 International Showplace
Ice Adventure  ???? 1990 Festhaus
In Concert 1983 1987 International Showplace
In Country  ???? 1981 International Showplace
It's Magic 1990 1990 Kings Island Theater
James Bond 007: License To Thrill 1998 Action Theater
Jingle Bell Bedrock 1991  ???? The Fun Station - Winterfest
Kings of Comedy 1982 1987 International Street
Live at the palace 1985 1986 Columbia Palace
Lively Marine Show 1978 Aqua Arena
Marty's Party 2009 2009 PEANUTS Playhouse
Mega Mess-a-mania 1995 1996 Nickelodeon Theater
More Mega Mess-a-mania 1997 1997
Meteor Attack 2002 2002 Action Theater
New York, New York 1978
Nicktoons 2004 2006 Nickelodeon Theater
Nicktoons Block Party 1998 1998 Nickelodeon Theater
Nicktoons Rockin Countdown 1999 1999 Nickelodeon Theater
Nicktoons Summer Jam 2000 2001 Nickelodeon Theater
Paramount on Ice  ???? 1993 Festhaus
Paramount on Ice: BLOCK-BUSTERS! 1996  ???? Paramount Theater
Paramount on Ice: Lights! Camera!Action! 1994 1994 Paramount Theater
Paramount on Ice: Legends 1995 1995 Paramount Theater
Play me that country music 1983 1983 International Showplace
Pickin and Grinnin 1978
RETRO: Repeat the Beat 1996  ????
Rock Around the Clock  ???? 1981 American Heritage Music Hall
Rock 'n Roll Explosion 1983 1986 American Heritage Music Hall
Rock the house 1993 1994 International Showplace
Remember When: The 70's 2012 2013 International Showplace
Santa's Toy Factory 1991  ???? American Heritage Music Hall - Winterfest
Salt Water Circus 1972 1990 Aqua Arena
Salt Water Friends  ???? 1993 Aqua Arena
School of Rock: Live in Concert 2006 Paramount Theater
Scooby-Doo and the lost bark  ???? 1990 International Showplace
Scooby-Doo and the ghost in the attic Enchanted Theater
Scooby-Doo's Imagi-Machine 1995  ???? Enchanted Theater
Show Wagon 1972  ???? Old Coney
Signed, Sealed, Delivered! 2010 2011 International Showplace
Singin' to the World 1978
Slime Time Live 2002 2003 Nickelodeon Theater
Smash Factory Action Theater
Smurfs are here 1984 1984 International Showplace
Smurfberry festival 1986 1986 Woodland Theater
Snoopy Rocks! On Ice 2010 2011 Kings Island Theater
Snowdrift Inn 1991  ???? Festhaus - Winterfest
Something New!! 1972  ???? Old Coney
Song of the Smurfs 1985 1986 International Showplace
SpongeBob SquarePants 3D 2003 2011 Action Theater
Stan Lee's The 7th Portal 2001 Action Theater
Star Search Live 2006 International Street Bandstand
Summer Rhythms  ???? 1990 Royal Fountain Bandstand
Sweet Country Music 1987  ???? International Showplace
That's Entertainment  ???? 1981 American Heritage Music Hall
The Bear Facts 1982 1983 Puppet Tree Theater
The County Line 2008 2009 Festhaus
The Fudge is Done 1972  ???? Rivertown
The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera Action Theater
The Lazer Zone: Time Warp 1993 1995 Paramount Theater
The Magic of the Movies 2004
Tuned In! 2005 International Showplace
Twistin' to the 60s 2007 International Showplace
Way Too Much TV 2010 2011 Festhaus
The Wild, Wild West 1994 1994 Cinema 180 Theater
Woodchoppers Ball Revue 1985 1986 Festhaus
World Cabaret 1983 1983 Festhaus
Wunderbar! 1985 1986 Festhaus
Yogi's Summer Camp Craze 1994 1994 Enchanted Theater
Yogi's Picnic 1982 1983 Hanna-Barbera Amphitheater
Yogi's Place 1987  ???? Woodlands Amphitheater
Yogi's Funtastic Machine 1987  ???? International Showplace

Former area themes[edit]

Area Year Opened Year Closed Description
Lion Country Safari 1974 1993 An Africa themed section with a wide variety of real exotic animals. Renamed Wild Animal Safari (1977–1983), Wild Animal Habitat(1983–1994). Completely Re-themed to Adventure Village in 1994.
Adventure Village 1983 1998 The entertainment side of Wild Animal Safari was renamed in 1983. The park section was still themed to Africa, but most of the animals had been sold off and many attractions had been closed down. The area was completely re-themed in 1994 Removed in 1999 to make way for Action Zone.
WaterWorks 1989 2003 The original water park. Expanded into Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay in 2004.
The Happy Land of Hanna Barbara 1972 2005 Hanna-Barbera themed kid's area. Also known as Hanna-Barbera Land. Rethemed as Nickelodeon Universe in 2006 and again as Planet Snoopy in 2010.
Nickelodeon Splat City 1995 2000 Nickelodeon themed area based on the network's game shows which had attractions involving getting wet.
Nickelodeon Central 2001 2005 Nickelodeon Splat City is renamed after being expanded in the 2000-2001 off-season.
Nickelodeon Universe 2006 2009 Nickelodeon Central was expanded to replace Hanna-Barbera Land leading to its new name. Rethemed to Planet Snoopy in 2010.
Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay 2004 2011 An Australian themed Waterpark. The name was shortened to Boomerang Bay in 2007. Replaced by Soak City for the 2012 season.

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