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This is a list of rides, attractions and themes from Six Flags Great America that no longer operate in the park.

Rides and attractions[edit]

Former roller coasters[edit]

Coaster Year Opened Year Closed Manufacturer
Location in Park Description
Gulf Coaster 1976 1976 Allan Herschell Company Orleans Place Small kiddie coaster that was located about were roaring rapids entrance is today.
Tidal Wave 1978 1991 Anton Schwarzkopf
Shuttle Loop
Yankee Harbor Riders accelerated from 0 to 57 mph (92 km/h) in 6 seconds. Was removed to make room for Batman: The Ride. Later located at Six Flags Over Georgia as Viper, and at Kentucky Kingdom as Greezed Lightnin'. Was scrapped in 2013 to make way for Lightning Run. [1]
Z-Force 1985 1987 Intamin
Space Diver
County Fair Steel roller coaster that featured a stacked design and numerous steep rolling track dives. Later located at Six Flags Over Georgia as Z-Force, and at Six Flags Magic Mountain as Flashback. [2]
Shock Wave 1988 2002 Arrow Dynamics
Looping Coaster
Orleans Place Riders turned upside-down seven times in three different ways and reached speeds of 65 mph (105 km/h). Was removed due to maintenance issues, declining popularity, and to make room for Superman: Ultimate Flight. [3]
Rolling Thunder 1989 1995 Intamin
Swiss Bob
Hometown Square Secured in bobsled-like vehicles, riders careen around tight turns. Originally located at Six Flags Great Adventure as Sarajevo Bobsleds. Was removed from Great America to make room for Southwest Territory. Now located at Great Escape as Alpine Bobsled. [4]
Déjà Vu 2001 2007 Vekoma
Giant Inverted Boomerang
County Fair Floorless trains suspended beneath an overhead track traversed the track forward and in reverse. Removed due to maintenance issues. Now located at Silverwood as Aftershock. [5]
Iron Wolf 1990 2011 Bolliger & Mabillard
Stand-Up Coaster
County Fair Riders maneuver twisting turns and sudden drops while in a standing position. Now located at Six Flags America as Apocalypse. Iron Wolf was replaced by a new roller coaster called "Goliath" in June 2014. [6]
Ragin' Cajun 2004 2013 Zamperla
Spinning Wild Mouse
Mardi Gras Riders careen around tight turns and sharp dips while strapped within a spinning vehicle. Closed at the end of the 2013 season to be relocated to Six Flags America. Replaced by The Joker in 2017.

Former flat rides[edit]

Name Year opened Year closed Manufacturer
Location in Park Description
Ameri-Go-Round 1976 2003 Gustav Dentzel
County Fair Originally built in the 1910s at Fontaine Ferry Park, replaced by Revolution and is currently in storage containers by the Dark Knight and Superman.
Cajun Cliffhanger 1976 2000 Chance Rides
Orleans Place Originally located at Riverview Park. Was removed due to lawsuits from two injured riders. The Joker is located on its former site.
Power Dive 1987 2001 Intamin
Looping Starship
Orleans Place Removed because of maintenance issues. Its body could be seen in the boneyard for many years. Replaced with King Chaos.
Sky Whirl 1976 2000 Intamin
Triple Tree Wheel
County Fair Removed to make room for Déjà Vu. Some cars are now fright fest props
Space Shuttle America 1994 2007 I-Werks
Motion Simulator Ride
Carousel Plaza Closed due to unpopularity and rising operating costs. The ride and building were removed in December 2009 after being closed for two seasons.
Bottoms Up 1976 1983 Chance Rides
Hometown Square Removed when the Orbit was relocated from Orleans Place.
Bugs Bunny National Park 1998 2009/2010 Various Yukon Territory Opened in 1998 in Yukon Territory and included The Looney Tooter (Zamperla Rio Grande – kiddie train ride), Looney Tunes Lodge (SCS Interactive kiddie foam ball play area), Waddaview National Park Charter Service (Herschell kiddie ride), Porky's Buzzy Beez (kiddie ride), Petunia's Love Bugz, originally from hometown park, and Pepe Le Pew's Peak. Petunia's Love Bugz and Pepe Le Pew's Peak were removed after the 2009 season to make room for the Little Dipper coaster; the rest of the area closed after the 2010 season. Porky's Buzzy Beez was brought back into the park in 2012 where it operated in East River Crawler's location. 1 ride and cars from the Buzzy Beez are now used as props for fright fest. The Love Bugz were later brought back in 2015 in hometown park.
Davy Jones Dinghies 1977 1982 Intamin
Flying Dutchman
Yankee Harbor The ride was located atop a pedestal within the Traffique Jam.
Eagles Flight / Delta Flyer 1976 1984 Von Roll
Sky Ride
County Fair, Orleans Place Sky ride that took riders from County fair to Orleans Place. The County Fair station still remains, but it has since been converted into Funnel Cake Foundry (a restaurant). Some cars are now Fright Fest props.
Ferris wheel 1980 1984 Eli Bridge Company
Ferris wheel
County Fair It was sandwiched between the Fairgrounds Junction train station and the Eagle's Flight skyride station; it was removed when the Fairgrounds Junction train station was moved over to accommodate Z-Force. Now in storage and used as a prop for the clown area during Fright Fest.
Great America Raceway 1976 2010 Arrow Dynamics
Antique Cars
County Fair Was originally named Barney Oldfield Speedway. Reconfigured from a figure-eight track to an oval track to make room for Splashwater Falls. Removed to make room for X-Flight. Some cars are now used by the entertainment department for shows and parades and also as fright fest props.
Hay Baler 1977 2000 Mack
County Fair Removed to make room for Déjà Vu.
Hilltoper 1977 1990 Wisdom Rides
County Fair Hilltoper next to Turn Of The Century's lift(the spot where the graveyard can be found for "Fright Fest") moved closer to the midway not long after and renamed Industrial Revolution.
Southern Cross 1977 1983 Von Roll
Sky Ride
Orleans Place took riders from orleans to what is now Southwest Territory. At least 1 car is now a Fright Fest prop.
Spinnaker 1976 1977 Hrubetz
Round Up
Yankee Harbor Removed when Tidal Wave was built.
Splashwater Falls 1987 2007 Hopkins
Shoot The Chutes
County Fair Removed due to decline in popularity and old age. It was eventually replaced by X Flight. At least 1 boat is now used for fright fest.
Sky Trail 2010 2014 Ride Entertainment Systems of Stevensville, Maryland Ropes course County Fair Located near Demon's entrance, it was removed due to decline in popularity
Yukon Yahoo 1976 1991 Anton Schwarzkopf
Yukon Territory Later renamed, moved to Delta Flyer's former location, and took its former name. Removed for the building of the Condor.
Trailblazer 1996 2006 zamperla (Joker) Southwest Territory Closed for safety reasons. The ride was very similar to the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, except this was a western wagon. The main support beam still remains, and the former site is now used for fright fest.
Hometown & Orleans Street Railway trolley cars 1976 Unknown. Custom Fabricators
Hometown Square, Orleans Place Battery-powered cars and track now used for shows and parades. Had a few stops from 1976 until some between the 80's and mid 90'sin Hometown and Orleans place. Operation as an attraction ceased for unknown reasons. Guests can still ride the cars in the park's night parade, though.
Traffique Jam 1976 1984 Arrow Dynamics
Antique Cars
Orleans Place Removed in 1984 to make room for the River Rapids. 1 car is now used by the entertainment department (currently used for the party gras show in Mardi Gras.
The Orbit 1976 2016 Anton Schwarzkopf
Hometown Square Originally located in Orleans and called "Orleans Orbit", was later moved to hometown and renamed. Removed in 2016 to make room for the East River Crawler (now renamed "Lobster" as it originally was called. East River Crawler needed to be relocated from Yankee Harbor to make room for The Joker. Currently in storage at the park. Some cars are now Fright Fest props.
The Jester's Wild Ride 2004 2016 Zamperla
Rockin' tug
Mardi Gras Removed in 2016 to make room for The Joker and put into storage at the park.
King Chaos 2004 2017 Huss Rides
(Top Spin)
Mardi Gras Removed in 2017 to make room for a 100ft tall Larson Super Loop named Mardi Gras Hangover.
The Edge 1983 1985 Intamin Freefall ride Orleans Place Passengers rode in 4 seat cars that were raised on a lift shaft that was similar to an elevator. The car paused at the top for a short time and were then dropped. Near the end the track curved downwards and riders were placed onto the backs. The riders were then transferred to a separate track and were turned upwards again. The ride lost popularity after an accident in 1984, bringing it to close at the end of 1985.

Show venues[edit]

Name Year




Location In Park Description
Theater Royal 1976 2007 Orleans Place Theater similar to grand music hall building is now used for the queue for The Dark Knight Coaster.
Orleans Bandstand 1976 2003 Orleans Place Small gazebo that the Orleans' marching band would play in, replaced by Big Easy Balloons
Ignite Stage 2013 2014 Hometown Square Big white stage that was used for IgNight — Grand Finale replaced in 2015 by a more modest stage.
Hometown Gazebo 1976 2013 Hometown Square Gazebo located in the center of Home Town Square that would host the Barber Shop Quartet, very popular among guests, removed for Ignite, returned in 2015 for the park's 40th season.
Southwest Amphitheater 1993 2015 Southwest Territory Large amphitheater that was originally built for the Batman Stunt Show, also housed W.B. Western Stunt Show and Spy Girl Stunt Show, replaced by Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
Yukon poles 1976 Unkown Yukon territory Two vertical poles that were placed near moose burger lodge that actors dressed as lumberjacks would climb.


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