List of former unified combatant commands

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Since the first Unified Command Plan was approved on 14 December 1946, several unified and specified(see JP 1-02, p. 222) combatant commands have been established and disestablished.[1] Some of the commands existed before they were officially established as unified or specified commands, or continued to exist after they were disestablished as such.

Emblem Command Acronym Type Established Disestablished Comments
SAC Shield.svg Strategic Air Command SAC Specified 1946-12-14 1992-05-31 Duties assumed by USSTRATCOM
ALCOM.png Alaskan Command ALCOM Unified 1947-01-01 1975-06-30 Became a subunified command under USPACOM; subsequently a subunified command under USNORTHCOM
Far East Command FECOM Unified 1947-01-01 1957-07-01 Duties assumed by USPACOM
Seal of the United States Southern Command.svg Caribbean Command CARIBCOM Unified 1947-11-01 1963-06-06 Replaced by USSOUTHCOM
Naval Forces Europe and Naval Forces Africa group logo.gif U.S. Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean NELM Specified 1947-11-01 1963-12-01 Became part of USEUCOM as its USN component and renamed U.S. Naval Forces Europe
Atlantic Command LANTCOM Unified 1947-12-01 1999-09-31 Replaced by USJFCOM
Northeast Command USNEC Unified 1950-10-01 1956-09-01
US Air Forces, Europe USAFE Specified 1951-01-22 1956-07-01 Became part of USEUCOM as its USAF component command; still remains a USAF major command (MAJCOM)
Continental Air Command.png Continental Air Defense Command CONAD Unified 1954-09-01 1975-06-30 Replaced by ADCOM
Photo of U.S. Strike Command emblem - historical.JPG Strike Command USSTRICCOM Unified 1962-01-01 1971-12-31 Reorganized as USREDCOM
USAF - Aerospace Defense Command.png Aerospace Defense Command ADCOM Specified 1975-07-01 1979-10-01 Duties assumed by Air Defense, Tactical Air Command (ADTAC); duties subsequently assumed by Air National Guard (ANG) units of Tactical Air Command and later assumed by ANG units of Air Combat Command
Readiness Command USREDCOM Unified 1972-01-01 1987-04-15 Replaced by USSOCOM
USAF - Military Airlift Command.png Military Airlift Command MAC Specified 1977-02-01 1987-07-01 Duties as a specified command assumed by USTRANSCOM; later replaced as a USAF major command (MAJCOM) by Air Mobility Command in 1992
United States Space Command emblem.gif US Space Command USSPACECOM Unified 1985-09-23 2002-10-01 Duties assumed by USSTRATCOM. Re-established 2019-08-29.
USJFCOM SEAL.gif United States Joint Forces Command USJFCOM Unified 1999-10-01 2011-09-03 Duties assumed by the Joint Staff and various other combatant commands


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