List of former transit companies in Dallas

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The following is a list of former privately run transit companies that served Dallas. The first year is the year service began. The last is the year private service was halted.

  • 1872-1884 Dallas City Railroad Company (Main Street Line)
  • 1875-1884 Dallas Street Railroad Company (San Jacinto Line)
  • 1876-1887 Commerce and Ervay Street Railroad Company
  • 1884-1887 Belt Street Railway
  • 1884-1887 Dallas City and Dallas Street Railroad Company (merger between the Main and San Jacinto Lines)
  • 1887-1890 Dallas Consolidated Street Railway Company (merger between the DC&DS, C&E and BSR)
  • 1887-1900 Dallas and Oak Cliff Elevated Railway
  • 1888-1898 Dallas Rapid Transit Company
  • 1889-1892 North Dallas Circuit Railway
  • 1890- North Dallas Railway Company
  • 1890-1895 Dallas Consolidated Traction Railway Company (New owners changed the DCSR)
  • 1892-1898 Queens City Railway Company
  • 1895-1898 Dallas City Railway Company (New Company formed to take ownership of DCTRC, which went into receivership)
  • 1898-1917 Dallas Consolidated and Electric Street Railway Company (acquired disposed property of the DCRC along with the QCRC)
  • 1899-1917 Rapid Transit Railway Company (acquired the DRTC)
  • 1900-1917 Northern Texas Traction Company (acquired the D&OCER)
  • -1917 Metropolitan Street Railway Company
  • 1917-1926 Dallas Railway Company (merger of DC&ESRC, RTRC and MSRC as well as leasing of lines along the NTTC in Oak Cliff)
  • 1926-1956 Dallas Railway and Terminal Company (Name change from the DRC)
  • 1956-1964 Dallas Transit Company (Name change from DR&T. In 1964, the city purchased the DTC, ending a 92-year run of private transit companies in Dallas)

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