List of forts in Mumbai

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The following is a list of forts in Mumbai.


(other names)
Image Built in Built by Locality District Type Purpose Razed
Current status Current owner Coordinates Ref
Bombay Castle
  • Casa da Orta
  • Manor House
  • Governor House
  • INS Angre
The Old Barb Tree at Bombay Caste circa 1893.jpg 1554 Portuguese Fort area Mumbai City Land battery Administration Preserved Indian Navy 18°55′52″N 72°50′15″E / 18.93111°N 72.83750°E / 18.93111; 72.83750 [1]
Castella de Aguada
  • Bandra Fort
Castella de Aguada 7.jpg 1640 Portuguese Bandra Mumbai Suburban Land battery Watchtower, freshwater source Under renovation ASI 19°02′30″N 72°49′07″E / 19.04177°N 72.81858°E / 19.04177; 72.81858
Dongri Fort
  • Dungarey Fort
Unavailable 1596 Portuguese Dongri Mumbai City Hill fort Defensive 1769
Demolished N/A 18°56′27″N 72°50′15″E / 18.94090°N 72.83759°E / 18.94090; 72.83759 [2]
Fort George Mumbai fort remains 6.jpg 1770 British Dongri Mumbai City Defensive Defensive 1862
Remnants Government of Maharashtra 18°56′27″N 72°50′15″E / 18.94090°N 72.83759°E / 18.94090; 72.83759
Riwa Fort
  • Kala Killa
  • Dharavi Fort
1737 British Dharavi Mumbai City Land battery Watchtower Dilapidated ASI 19°03′03″N 72°51′36″E / 19.0509°N 72.86006°E / 19.0509; 72.86006
Madh Fort
  • Versorva Fort
Madh-fort3.jpg 17th century Portuguese Madh Island Mumbai Suburban Land battery Watchtower, prison Stable ASI 19°07′56″N 72°47′41″E / 19.132283°N 72.794785°E / 19.132283; 72.794785 [3]
Mahim Fort Mahim Fort 3.jpg 13th century Bhimdev Mahim Mumbai City Land battery Watchtower, defensive Dilapidated Government of Maharashtra 19°02′23″N 72°50′16″E / 19.039848°N 72.837768°E / 19.039848; 72.837768 [4]
Mazagon Fort Unavailable 1680 British Mazagon Mumbai City Land battery Watchtower 1690
(Yakut Khan)
Demolished MCGM 18°57′56″N 72°50′34″E / 18.965633°N 72.842703°E / 18.965633; 72.842703
Sion Fort
  • Sion Hillock Fort
External Wall of Sion Fort.jpg 1669 British Sion Mumbai City Hill fort Watchtower Dilapidated ASI 19°02′48″N 72°52′03″E / 19.046583°N 72.867483°E / 19.046583; 72.867483
Sewri Fort
  • Sewree Fort
Sewri fort courtyard.jpg 1680 British Sewri Mumbai City Hill fort (also Land battery) Watchtower Under renovation ASI 19°00′02″N 72°51′37″E / 19.000635°N 72.860363°E / 19.000635; 72.860363
Worli Fort
  • Worlee Fort
Worli fort, 2013-10-06 15-43.jpg 1675 British Worli Mumbai City Land battery Watchtower Dilapidated ASI 19°01′25″N 72°49′00″E / 19.023732°N 72.816621°E / 19.023732; 72.816621


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