List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Arkansas

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Group or Formation Period Notes
Annona Chalk Cretaceous
Arkadelphia Marl Cretaceous
Austin Chalk Cretaceous
Batesville Sandstone Carboniferous
Bloyd Shale Carboniferous
Boone Formation Carboniferous
Brownstone Marl Cretaceous
Cane Hill Formation Carboniferous
Claiborne Formation Paleogene
Collier Shale Cambrian
Comanche Formation Cretaceous
De Queen Formation Cretaceous
Dierks Limestone Cretaceous
Everton Formation Ordovician
Fayetteville Shale Carboniferous
Hale Formation Carboniferous
Hindsville Formation Carboniferous
Imo Formation Carboniferous
Jackson Group/White Bluff Formation Paleogene
Kimmswick Limestone Ordovician
Marlbrook Marl Cretaceous
Midway Formation Paleogene
Moorefield Formation Carboniferous
Morrow Group/Bloyd Formation Carboniferous
Nacatoch Formation Cretaceous
Nacatoch Sand Cretaceous
Navarro Group/Saratoga Chalk Cretaceous
Ozan Formation Cretaceous
Pentremital Limestone Group/Bloyd Formation Carboniferous
Pitkin Formation Carboniferous
Powell Formation Ordovician
Saratoga Chalk Cretaceous
Smackover Formation Jurassic
Smithville Formation Ordovician
St. Clair Limestone Silurian
St. Joe Formation Carboniferous
Taylor Group/Annona Chalk Cretaceous
Taylor Group/Ozan Formation Cretaceous
Theodosia Formation Ordovician
Trinity Group/Holly Creek Formation Cretaceous
Witts Springs Formation Carboniferous

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