List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in British Columbia

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This is a list of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in British Columbia, Canada.

Group or formation Period Notes
Advance Formation Ordovician
Allenby Formation Paleogene
Ambition Formation Permian
Ashman Formation Jurassic
Asitka Formation Permian
Asitka Formation Permian
Atan Group/Rosella Formation Cambrian
Baldonnel Formation Triassic
Bardonnel Formation Triassic
Beaver Mines Formation Early Cretaceous
Beaverfoot Formation Silurian, Ordovician
Belcourt Formation Permian
Billhook Formation Jurassic
Bocock Group/Pardonet Formation Triassic
Bonanza Formation Jurassic, Triassic
Boulder Creek Formation Early Cretaceous
Bowser Lake Formation Jurassic
Brokenback Hill Formation Cretaceous
Buckinghorse Formation Early Cretaceous
Bullhead Group/Gething Formation Early Cretaceous
Bullhead Group/Beattie Peaks Formation Early Cretaceous
Bullhead Group/Monach Formation Early Cretaceous
Burgess Shale Formation Cambrian
Buttle Lake Formation Permian
Cache Creek Formation Permian
Cache Creek Group/Horsefeed Formation Permian, Carboniferous
Cadomin Formation Early Cretaceous
Cardium Formation Late Cretaceous
Carmanah Formation Paleogene
Cathedral Formation Cambrian
Chancellor Group/Burgess Shale Formation Cambrian
Charlie Lake Formation Triassic
Coldwater Beds Formation Paleogene
Commotion Formation Early Cretaceous
Comox Formation Cretaceous
Currier Formation Jurassic
Cushina Formation Ordovician
Devils Claw Formation Cretaceous
Devon Island Formation Devonian
Duchesnay Formation Cambrian
Dunedin Formation Devonian
Dunvegan Formation Late Cretaceous
Fannin Formation Jurassic
Fantasque Formation Permian
Fernie Formation Jurassic
Flume Formation Middle Devonian to Late Devonian
Fort St. John Group/Buckinghorse Formation Early Cretaceous
Fort St. John Group/Shaftesbury Formation Early Cretaceous
Fort St. John Group/Sikanni Formation Early Cretaceous
Gates Formation Early Cretaceous
Ghost Creek Formation Jurassic
Glenogle Formation Ordovician
Grayling Formation Triassic
Grey Beds Formation Triassic
Haida Formation Cretaceous
Hall Formation Jurassic
Harbledown Formation Jurassic
Harper Ranch Formation Permian
Harrison Lake Formation Jurassic
Haslam Formation Cretaceous
Hazelton Formation Cretaceous, Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Cold Fish Volcanics Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Lower Limestone Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Lower Volcanics Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Nilkitkwa Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Smithers Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Group/Spatsizi Formation Jurassic
Hazelton Formation Jurassic
Honna Formation Cretaceous
Hazelton Group/Smithers Formation Jurassic
Hulcross Formation Early Cretaceous
Ishbel Formation Permian
Jackass Mountain Formation Cretaceous
Kakisa Formation Devonian
Kamloops Formation Paleogene
Karmutsen Formation Triassic
Kaskapau Formation Late Cretaceous
Kechika Formation Ordovician
Keg River Formation Middle Devonian
Kindle Formation Permian
King Salmon Formation Triassic
Kingsvale Formation Cretaceous
Kishenehn Formation Paleogene
Kootenay Group latest Jurassic to earliestCretaceous
Kunga Group/Peril Formation Triassic
Kunga Group/Sandilands Formation Jurassic, Triassic
Laberge Formation Jurassic
Laberge Group/Takwahoni Formation Jurassic
Laird Formation Triassic
Last Creek Formation Jurassic
Lepine Formation Cretaceous
Liard Formation Triassic
Ludington Formation Triassic
Marble Canyon Formation Permian
Maude Group Jurassic
Maude Group/Fannin Formation Jurassic
Maude Group/Ghost Creek Formation Jurassic
Maude Group/Phantom Creek Formation Jurassic
Maude Group/Whiteaves Formation Jurassic
McEvoy Formation Cretaceous
McGregor Creek Formation Permian
McKay Group Ordovician, Cambrian
McKay Group/E Formation Ordovician
McKay Group/Unit H Formation Cambrian
Miette Group Ediacaran
Miette Group/Byng Formation Ediacaran
Minnes Group Early Cretaceous
Mist Mountain Formation latest Jurassic to earliest Cretaceous
Monteith Formation Early Cretaceous
Moosebar Formation Early Cretaceous
Mount Greene Formation Permian
Mount Hawk Formation Late Devonian
Mount Mark Formation Permian
Mount Whyte Formation Cambrian
Mural Formation Cambrian
Mural (Tah) Formation Cambrian
Nanaimo Group Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Cedar District Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Comox Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Extension Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Newcastle Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Northumberland Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Protection Formation Cretaceous
Nanaimo Group/Spray Formation Cretaceous
Nicola Formation Triassic
Northumberland Formation Cretaceous
Ootsa Lake Formation Paleogene
Open Bay Formation Triassic
Opuntia Formation Jurassic
Pardonet Formation Triassic
Pardonet Group/Baldonnel Formation Triassic
Parsons Bay Formation Triassic
Pasayten Formation Cretaceous
Pender Formation Cretaceous
Peril Formation Triassic
Phantom Creek Formation Jurassic
Princeton Group Paleogene
Princeton Group/Allenby Formation Paleogene
Ptarmigan Formation Cambrian
Quatsino Formation Triassic
Ranger Canyon Formation Permian
Road River Formation Silurian
Rocky Mountain Group/Ishbel Formation Permian
Rocky Mountain Group/Tunnel Mountain Formation Carboniferous
Rosella Formation Cambrian
Ross Creek Formation Permian
Sadler Formation Triassic
Salmon River Formation Jurassic
Sandilands Formation Jurassic, Triassic
Schooler Creek Group/Pardonet Formation Triassic
Second White Speckled Shale Formation Late Cretaceous
Simla Formation Devonian
Sinwa Formation Triassic
Skidgate Formation Cretaceous
Skoki Formation Ordovician
Skonun Formation Neogene
Slave Point Formation Middle Devonian
Slocan Formation Triassic
Smithers Formation Jurassic
Smoky Group/Kaskapau Formation Late Cretaceous
Sooke Formation Paleogene
Spence Bridge Formation Cretaceous
Spray River Formation Triassic
Stephen Formation Cambrian
Stuhini Formation Triassic
Sulphur Mountain Formation Triassic
Sulphur Point Formation Devonian
Sustut Group/Brothers Peak Formation Cretaceous
Sutton Formation Triassic
Takla Formation Triassic
Telford Formation Permian
Telkwa Formation Jurassic
Toad Formation Triassic
Transitional Beds Formation Triassic
Tyaughton Formation Triassic
Uslika Formation Cretaceous
Vermilion Formation Cambrian
Whiteaves Formation Jurassic
Yakoun Formation Jurassic
Yakoun Group/Graham Island Formation Jurassic


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