List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in California

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This article contains a list of fossil-bearing stratigraphic units in the state of California, U.S.


Group or Formation Period Notes
Al Rose Formation Ordovician
Altamira Formation Neogene
Altamira Shale Neogene
Antelope Valley Formation Ordovician
Arvison Formation Triassic
Asuncion Group/Chico Formation Cretaceous
Asuncion Group/Forbes Shale Cretaceous
Asuncion Group/Funks Shale Cretaceous
Asuncion Group/Moreno Formation Cretaceous
Asuncion Group/Ragged Valley Shale Cretaceous
Avawatz Formation Neogene
Aztec Sandstone Jurassic
Badger Flat Formation Ordovician
Baird Formation Carboniferous
Barrel Spring Formation Ordovician
Barstow Formation Neogene
Barstow Formation Neogene
Battery Formation
Bautista Formation
Bedrock Spring Formation Neogene
Bird Spring Formation Permian, Carboniferous
Bonanza King Formation Cambrian
Bonanzan King Formation Cambrian
Bopesta Formation Neogene
Bragdon Formation Carboniferous
Branch Canyon Formation Neogene
Brawley Formation
Briones Formation Neogene
Brock Shale Triassic
Budden Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Cache Formation
Cajon Valley Beds Formation Neogene
Caliente Formation Neogene
Campito Formation Cambrian
Capay Formation Paleogene
Capistrano Formation Neogene
Carrara Formation Cambrian
Chanac Formation Neogene
Chatsworth Formation Cretaceous
Chico Formation Cretaceous
Chico Group/Moreno Formation Cretaceous
Chloropagus Formation Neogene
Conglomerate Mesa Formation Permian
Copper Canyon Formation Neogene
Coso Formation Neogene
Crowder Formation Neogene
Darwin Canyon Formation Permian
Debris Dam Formation Cretaceous
Deep Spring Formation Cambrian
Dekkas Formation Permian
Delmar Formation
Diablo Formation Neogene
Diligencia Formation
Disaster Peak Formation Neogene
Domengine Formation Paleogene
Dove Spring Formation Neogene
Drakes Bay Formation Neogene
Ely Springs Dolomite Ordovician
Etchegoin Formation Neogene
Falor Formation
Fernando Formation Neogene
Fernando Formation Neogene
Forbes Formation Cretaceous
Foreman Formation Jurassic
Franciscan Formation Jurassic
Franciscan Formation Jurassic
Freeman Silt Formation Neogene
Friars Formation Paleogene
Funks Formation Cretaceous
Gazelle Formation Silurian
Goler Formation Paleogene
Goodhue Formation Permian
Goodwin Formation Ordovician
Great Valley Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Antelope Shale Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Budden Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Crack Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Gravelly Flat Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Lodoga Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Moreno Formation Cretaceous
Great Valley Group/Stony Creek Formation Jurassic
Green Valley Formation Neogene
Gregg Ranch Formation Ordovician
Hardgrave Formation Jurassic
Harkless Formation Cambrian
Harold Formation
Hector Formation Neogene
Hidden Valley Dolomite Devonian
Hinchman Formation Jurassic
Hookton Formation
Hornbrook Formation Cretaceous
Horned Toad Formation Neogene
Horseshoe Gulch Formation Ordovician
Horseshoe Gulch unit Formation Ordovician
Hosselkus Formation Triassic
Hosselkus Limestone Triassic
Hungry Valley Formation Neogene
Imperial Formation Neogene
Imperial Group/Deguynos Formation Neogene
Jalama Formation Cretaceous
Jewett Sand Formation Neogene, Paleogene
Joaquin Formation Cretaceous
Josephine Formation Jurassic
Juncal Formation Paleogene
Kangaroo Creek Formation Devonian, Silurian, Ordovician
Kangaroo Ranch Formation Ordovician
Kern River Formation Neogene
Kern River Beds Formation Neogene
Kramer Beds Formation Neogene
Kreyenhagen Formation Paleogene
Kreyenhagen Shale Paleogene
La Habra Formation
La Jolla Formation Paleogene
Ladd Formation Cretaceous
Ladera Sandstone Neogene
Laguna Seca Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Lake Mathews Formation Neogene
Latham Shale Cambrian
Livermore Gravels Formation Neogene
Llajas Formation Paleogene
Locatelli Formation Paleogene
Lodo Formation Paleogene
Lomita Marl Formation
Lompico Sandstone Neogene
Lower Arkose Unit Formation Neogene
Manix Formation
Martinez Formation Paleogene
Mazourka Formation Ordovician
McCloud Limestone Permian, Carboniferous
Meganos Formation Paleogene
Meganos C Formation Paleogene
Mehrten Formation Neogene
Merced Formation Neogene
Merhten Formation Neogene
Mint Canyon Formation Neogene
Mission Valley Formation Paleogene
Modello Formation Neogene
Modelo Formation Neogene
Modin Formation Triassic
Moenkopi Formation Triassic
Monola Formation Cambrian
Monterey Formation Neogene
Monterey Shale Neogene
Monterey Group/Claremont Shale Neogene
Montezuma Formation
Montgomery Creek Formation Paleogene
Montgomery Limestone Ordovician
Moraga Formation Neogene
Moreno Formation Cretaceous
Moreno Grande Formation Cretaceous
Mormon Formation Jurassic
MR Caliente Formation Neogene
Mt. Eden Formation Neogene
Mule Spring Limestone Cambrian
Mulholland Formation Neogene
Neroly Formation Neogene
Niguel Formation Neogene
Nosoni Formation Permian
NS Caliente Formation Neogene
Oclese Sand Formation Neogene
Ocotillo Formation
Ono Formation Cretaceous
Orinda Formation Neogene
Oro Loma Formation Neogene
Osbourne Canyon Formation Permian
Otay Formation
Owens Valley Formation Permian
Owens Valley Group/Santa Rosa Flat Formation Permian
Pacheco Formation Cretaceous
Palm Spring Formation
Palos Verdes Formation
Panoche Formation Cretaceous
Paskenta Formation Cretaceous
Paso Robles Formation Neogene
Pauba Formation
Payton Ranch Limestone Silurian
Peace Valley Beds Formation Neogene
Petaluma Formation Neogene
Pico Formation Neogene
Pigeon Point Formation Cretaceous
Pinole Tuff Formation Neogene
Pismo Formation Neogene
Pit Formation Triassic
Pleasants Sandstone Cretaceous
Plush Ranch Formation Neogene
Point Loma Formation Cretaceous
Poleta Formation Cambrian
Pomerado Conglomerate Formation Paleogene
Potem Formation Jurassic
Poway Formation Paleogene
Puente Formation Neogene
Puente Shale Neogene
Punchbowl Formation Neogene
Purisima Formation Neogene
Purisimo Formation Neogene
Redding Formation Cretaceous
Rincon Formation Neogene, Paleogene
Rio Dell Formation
Riverbank Formation
Robinson Formation Permian
Rosario Formation Cretaceous
Rosario Group/Cabrillo Formation Cretaceous
Rosario Group/Point Loma Formation Cretaceous
Round Mountain Silt Formation Neogene
Saline Valley Formation Cambrian
San Antonio Formation
San Benito Gravels Formation
San Diego Formation Neogene
San Emigdio Formation Paleogene
San Francisquito Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
San Joaquin Formation Neogene
San Lorenzo Formation Paleogene
San Lorenzo Group/Pleito Formation Paleogene
San Lorenzo Group/San Emigdio Formation Paleogene
San Margarita Sandstone Neogene
San Mateo Formation Neogene
San Pablo Formation Neogene
San Pedro Formation
San Pedro Sand Formation
San Timoteo Formation
Santa Clara Formation Neogene
Santa Cruz Mudstone Formation Neogene
Santa Margarita Formation Neogene
Santa Rosa Flat Formation Permian
Santa Rosa Island Formation
Santa Susana Formation Paleogene
Santiago Formation Paleogene
Scripps Formation Paleogene
Sespe Formation Neogene, Paleogene
Shasta Formation Cretaceous
Sierra Blanca Limestone Paleogene
Siesta Formation Neogene
Silverado Formation Paleogene
Sisquoc Formation Neogene
Skooner Gulch Formation Neogene
St. George Formation Neogene
Stadium Conglomerate Formation Paleogene
Sweetwater Formation Paleogene
Tassajara Formation Neogene
Tecopa Lake Beds Formation
Tecuya Formation
Tejon Formation Paleogene
Temblor Formation Neogene, Paleogene
Temecula Arkose Formation
Thompson Formation Jurassic
Tick Canyon Formation
Timm's Point Formation
Titus Canyon Formation Paleogene
Topanga Canyon Formation Neogene
Towsley Formation Neogene
Tulare Formation Neogene
Tuna Canyon Formation Cretaceous
Turlock Lake Formation
UDC Caliente Formation Neogene
Union Wash Formation Triassic
Unnamed Formation Paleogene
Upper Caliente Formation Neogene
Upper Etchegoin Formation
Upper Fernando Formation Neogene
Upper Mehrten Formation Neogene
Valmonte Diatomite Formation Neogene
Vaquero Formation Neogene
Vaqueros Formation Neogene, Paleogene
Vedder Sand Paleogene
Volcanopelagic Succession Group/Unit 1 Formation Jurassic
Volcanopelagic Succession Group/Unit 2 Formation Jurassic
Volcanopelagic Succession Group/Unit 3 Formation Jurassic
Waltham Formation Cretaceous
Wildcat Formation Neogene
Wildcat Group/Rio Dell Formation Neogene
Williams Formation Cretaceous
Wood Canyon Formation Cambrian, Ediacaran
Zabriskie Quartzite Formation Cambrian

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