List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Pennsylvania

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Group or Formation Period Notes
Allegheny Formation Carboniferous
Ames Formation Carboniferous
Anthracite Formation Carboniferous
Antietam Formation Cambrian
Bellefonte Formation Ordovician
Bloomsburg Formation Silurian
Canadaway Group/Canaseraga Formation Devonian
Canadaway Group/Cuba Formation Devonian
Canadaway Group/Java Formation Devonian
Canadaway Group/Machias Formation Devonian
Canadaway Group/Rushford Formation Devonian
Catskill Formation Devonian
Chatham Group/Hammer Creek Formation Triassic
Chemung Formation Devonian
Cherry Ridge Shale Devonian
Conemaugh Group Carboniferous
Conemaugh Group/Conemaugh Formation Carboniferous
Conemaugh Group/Glenshaw Formation Carboniferous
Conewango Group Devonian
Conewango Group/Pocono Formation Devonian
Conewango Group/Venango Formation Devonian
Conneaut Group/Cuba silt shale (Chadakoin) Devonian
Connemaugh Group Carboniferous
Connemaugh Group/Duquesne Coal Carboniferous
Cussewago Formation Devonian
Dunkard Group/Greene Formation Permian
Dunkard Group/Waynesburg Formation Permian
Gatesburg Formation Cambrian
Genesee Group/Ithaca Formation Devonian
Gettysburg Formation Triassic
Glenshaw Formation Carboniferous
Hamilton Group/Mahantango Formation Devonian
Hamilton Group/Marcellus Shale Devonian
Harrell Formation Devonian
Helderberg Formation Devonian
Jennings Formation Devonian
Keyser Limestone Silurian
Kinzers Formation Cambrian
Llewellyn Formation Carboniferous
Lock Haven Formation Devonian
Lockatong Formation Triassic
Pocono Formation Devonian
Mahantango Formation Devonian
Manlius Limestone Devonian
Martinsburg Formation Ordovician
Mauch Chunk Formation Carboniferous
Mercer Formation Carboniferous
Mifflintown Formation Silurian
Monongahela Group/Pittsburgh Formation Carboniferous
New Oxford Formation Triassic
Newark Group/Gettysburg Formation Triassic
Newark Group/Lockatong Formation Triassic
Newark Group/New Oxford Formation Triassic
Nittany Dolomite Ordovician
Old Point Formation Devonian
Onondaga Formation Devonian
Oswayo Sandstone Devonian
Passaic Formation Triassic
Pleasent Hill Limestone Cambrian
Pocono Formation Carboniferous, Devonian
Pottsville Formation Carboniferous
Reedsville Group/ Martinsburg Formation Ordovician
Rockdale Run Formation Ordovician
Rose Hill Formation Silurian
Shawangunk Formation Silurian
Sonyea Group/Delaware River Formation Devonian
Stockton Formation Triassic
Stonehenge Formation Ordovician
Susquehanna Group/Chemung Formation Devonian
Titusville Till
Tomstown Dolomite Cambrian
Venango Formation Devonian
Vintage Dolomite Cambrian
Warrior Formation Cambrian
Washington Formation Permian

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