List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Spain

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Group or Formation Period Notes
Abadia Formation Devonian
Abadia Group/Arauz Formation Devonian
Abadia Group/Cortes Formation Devonian
Abadia Group/Polentinos Formation Devonian
Ablanedo Formation Carboniferous
Aguion Formation Devonian
Alaro Calcarenite Formation Paleogene
Alba Formation Carboniferous
Alcala Formation Neogene
Alcolea Formation Devonian, Silurian
Alconera Formation Cambrian
Alcorisa Formation Paleogene
Alcudian Formation Cambrian
Alfambra Formation Neogene
Alhambra Formation Neogene
Almonacid de la Cuba Formation Jurassic
Altamira Formation Cretaceous
Alternancia de margas y calizas de Turmiel Formation Jurassic
Alternating slates, greywackes, and volcanites Formation Ordovician
Anseroles Formation Cretaceous
Arcillas de Gibraleón Formation Neogene
Arcillas de Morella Formation Cretaceous
Ardanatz Sandstone Formation Paleogene
Arenas de Huelva Formation Neogene
Areniscas de Cabrerizos Formation Paleogene
Areny Sandstone Formation Cretaceous
Arguis Formation Paleogene
Armorican Quartzite Formation Ordovician
Arroyo del Acebron Shales Formation Ordovician
Artoles Formation Cretaceous
Arén Formation Cretaceous
Bachende Formation Carboniferous
Badenas Formation Silurian
Balco del Cucut Formation Cretaceous
Bancs mixtes Formation Ordovician
Bandera Formation Devonian
Barahona Formation Jurassic
Bastida Formation Cretaceous
Baza Formation Neogene
Bellmunt Formation Paleogene
BelsuéFormation Paleogene
Benassal Formation Cretaceous
Blesa Formation Cretaceous
Bolloncillos Formation Devonian
Borrachon Formation Ordovician
Brèches rouges de Carboneras Formation Neogene
Buntsandstein Group/Areniscas y Lutitas del Figaro Formation Triassic
Bádenas Formation Silurian
Cabaços Formation Jurassic
Cabezo Agudo Formation Devonian
Cabo Cope Formation Triassic
Cabo de Lata Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Cabuérniga Group/Arcera Formation Cretaceous
Cal Trumfo Formation Cretaceous
Calcaires à oncolithes Formation Jurassic
Calcarenites of Sant Elm Formation Neogene
Calcaries de Tàrrega Formation Paleogene
Calcàries Tàrrega Formation Paleogene
Caliza de Peguera Formation Paleogene
Calizas de la Heurguina Formation Cretaceous
Calizus de Lychnus Formation Cretaceous
Calizas de Oliete Formation Cretaceous
Calvari Marl Formation Paleogene
Calymenella Quartzite Formation Ordovician
Camarena Formation Jurassic
Camarillas Formation Cretaceous
Candas Formation Devonian
Candás Formation Devonian
Cantera Shale Formation Ordovician
Capas Rojas Formation Cretaceous
Carregador de Carreu Formation Cretaceous
Carrion Group/Cardano Formation Devonian
Carrion Group/Gustalapiedra Formation Devonian
Castellar Formation Cretaceous, Devonian
Castillejo Formation Ordovician
Castrillo de la Reina Formation Cretaceous
Cerro del Pez Formation Jurassic
Chaume Formation Cretaceous
Coll de Jovell Formation Cretaceous
Collades de Basturs Formation Cretaceous
Collbás Formation Paleogene
Comabella Formation Devonian
Complejo Basal Transgresivo Formation Neogene
Congost Formation Cretaceous
Cremenes Formation Devonian
Cuber Formation Jurassic
Cuera Limestone Formation Carboniferous
Cuevas Formation Neogene
Cystoid Formation Ordovician
Cystoid (Ashgill) Limestone Formation Ordovician
Cystoid Limestone Formation Ordovician
Córcoles Formation Neogene
d'Enevrio Formation Ordovician
Demues Formation Carboniferous
Dere Formation Ordovician
Detritic Group/Calcena Lutites and Sandstones Formation Triassic
Dolomites & Limestones of Cañete Formation Triassic
Dolomites and Limestones of Cañete (CDL) Formation Triassic
Dolomías tableadas de Imón Formation Triassic
Ecija Formation Neogene
Eguino Formation Cretaceous
El Bosque Formation Paleogene
El Castellar Formation Cretaceous
El Castro Formation Silurian, Ordovician
El Collado Formation Cretaceous
El Zadorra Formation Cretaceous
Encisco Formation Cretaceous
Enciso Formation Cretaceous
Enciso Group/Leza Formation Cretaceous
Entrala Formation Paleogene
Ermita Formation Devonian
Escucha Formation Cretaceous
Esla Formation Devonian
Eslida Formation Triassic
Esperanza Formation Carboniferous
Espiritu Santo Formation Neogene
Fombuena Formation Ordovician
Font Bordonera Formation Cretaceous
Forcall Formation Cretaceous
G. teretiusculus Group/Neseuretus tristani Shale and Los Rasos Sandstone Formation Ordovician
Garumn facies Formation Cretaceous
Gibraltar Limestone Jurassic
Gijon Formation Jurassic, Triassic
Golmayo Formation Cretaceous
Green and Nodular Shales Formation Ordovician
Guadix Formation Spain
Guindo Shale Formation Ordovician
Guindo shales Formation Ordovician
HerbaFormation Cretaceous
Higueruelas Formation Jurassic
HornosFormation Triassic
Hortezuelos Formation Cretaceous
Huesa Formation Devonian
Huérteles Formation Cretaceous
Igualada Formation Paleogene
Ilundain Marls Formation Paleogene
Jarropa Radiolarite Formation Jurassic
Jijona Formation Cretaceous
La Bastida Shales Formation Ordovician
La Cabana Formation Cretaceous
La Hoya Formation Devonian
La Huerguina Formation Cretaceous
La Huérguina Formation Cretaceous
La Mora Slates Formation Ordovician
la Pedrera de Rubies Formation Cretaceous
La Pedrera de Rúbies Formation Cretaceous
La Tossa Formation Paleogene
La Venta Formation Ordovician
La Vid Formation Devonian
La Vid Formation Devonian
La VidFormation Devonian
La Vid Group/basal part Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/Coladilla Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/La Pedrosa Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/middle Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/middle to upper Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/top Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/Tramo inferior Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/upper part Formation Devonian
La Vid Group/Valporquero Formation Devonian
Lancara Formation Cambrian
Las Llacerias Formation Carboniferous
Las Penosas Formation Cretaceous
Lastres Formation Jurassic
Lebanza Formation Devonian
Lignites de Traiguera Formation Cretaceous
Llacova Formation Cretaceous
Lorente Formation Jurassic
Lores Limestone Formation Carboniferous
Los Navalucillos Limestone Formation Cambrian
Los Villares Formation Cretaceous, Cambrian
Lower Bone Bed Formation Neogene
Lower Kellwasser Limestone Formation Devonian
Luesma Formation Devonian, Silurian
Lychnus Formation Cretaceous
Láncara Formation Cambrian
Marbella Formation Carboniferous
Margas de Pamplona Formation Paleogene
Margas y Calizas Margosas de Nidaguila Formation Cretaceous
Mariposas Formation Devonian
Mazaterón Formation Paleogene
Mesones Group/Murero Formation Cambrian
Mesones Group/Valdemiedes Formation Cambrian
Micaceous sandstone Formation Ordovician
Middle Muschelkalk Formation Triassic
Milanos Formation Jurassic
Miono Formation Cretaceous
Mirambel Formation Cretaceous
Miravetes Formation Cretaceous
Molino Formation Devonian
Monforte Formation Devonian
Moniello Formation Devonian
MonielloFormation Devonian
Montagut Formation Cretaceous
Montesquiu Formation Cretaceous
Moutonianum Formation Cretaceous
Moyuela Formation Devonian
Murero Formation Cambrian
Murillo Formation Paleogene
Muschelkalk Formation Triassic
Najerilla Formation Cambrian
Navas de Estena Formation Ordovician
Navas de Estena Shale Formation Ordovician
Navas de Estena Shale (Neseuretus tristani) Formation Ordovician
Navatrasierra Shale Formation Ordovician
Neseuretus tristani Shale Formation Ordovician
Neseuretus tristani Shale and Los Rasos Sandstone Formation Ordovician
Nieva Formation Devonian
Nocedo Formation Devonian
Nogueras Formation Devonian
Novaglie Formation Neogene
Olazagutia Formation Cretaceous
Olloniego Formation Carboniferous
Oncala Formation Jurassic
Oncala Group/Huérteles Formation Cretaceous
Onnia shales Formation Ordovician
OssaFormation Cambrian
Oville Formation Cambrian
Pamplona Formation Paleogene
Pedroche Formation Cambrian
Pedroso Group/Hortigüela Formation Cretaceous
Pedroso Group/Piedrahita de Muñó Formation Cretaceous
Pelmatazoan Limestone Formation Ordovician
Pelmatozoan limestone Formation Ordovician
Pena Negra Formation Devonian
Perna Formation Carboniferous
Picos de Europa Formation Carboniferous
Pineda Group/Carazo Formation Devonian
Pineda Group/Lebanz Formation Devonian
Pinilla de los Moros Formation Cretaceous
Pizarras Carretera Formation Ordovician
Pizarras del Rio Formation Ordovician
Podega Formation Cretaceous
Portilla Formation Devonian
Puebla Formation Paleogene
Puentelles Formation Carboniferous
Puerto de Mazarron Formation Neogene
Puerto de Olazagutia Formation Cretaceous
Pusa Shale Formation Ediacaran
Quartzites Botella Formation Ordovician
Quintanaloma Formation Cretaceous
Ramblar Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/Caliza de Ferrones Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/Caliza de Nieva Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/Capas de Aguion Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/Capas de Ferrones Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/Ferrones Formation Devonian
Raneces Group/upper part Formation Devonian
Raspay Formation Cretaceous
Ribadesella Group/Vega Formation Jurassic
Rio Huso Group/Middle Formation Cambrian
Rio Palomar Formation Jurassic
Rio Shale Formation Ordovician
Roda Formation Paleogene
Rodanas Formation Devonian
Rodiles Formation Jurassic
Roja Inferior Formation Permian
Rojales Sandstone Formation Neogene
S'Envestida Calcarenite Formation Paleogene
Salobral Formation Devonian
Sama Formation Carboniferous
San Emiliano Formation Carboniferous
San Tirso Formation Carboniferous
Sandy limestone and dark shale Formation Ordovician
Sant Corneli Formation Cretaceous
Sant Elm Formation Neogene
Santa Cruz Formation Devonian
Santa Lucia Formation Devonian
Santed Formation Ordovician
Santibañez del Val Formation Cretaceous
Schistes Botella Formation Ordovician
Senyus Formation Cretaceous
Sierra del Castillo Formation Carboniferous
Sierra Perenchiza Formation Cretaceous
Siphonodendron Limestone Formation Carboniferous
Sobrare Formation Paleogene
Son Sastre Sandstones and Lutites Formation Paleogene
Son Serralta Formation Triassic
Sot de Chera Formation Jurassic
Suertes Group/Las ArroyacasFormation Silurian
Suertes Group/Robledo Formation Silurian
Sueve Shale Formation Ordovician
Tariquide Formation Triassic
Tera Group/Magaña Formation Jurassic
Tera Group/Piedrahita de Muñó Formation Cretaceous
Tera Group/Pinilla de los Moros Formation Cretaceous
Terenes Formation Jurassic
Tereñes Marl Formation Jurassic
Texanitid Marls Formation Cretaceous
Tierra de Lara Group/Rupelo Formation Cretaceous
Tollo Formation Cretaceous
Torrella Formation Cretaceous
Torreáboles Formation Cambrian
Tossa Formation Paleogene
Tremp Formation Cretaceous
Tremp Formation Cretaceous
Tremp Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Tremp Group/Conques Formation Cretaceous
Tremp Group/La Posa Formation Cretaceous
Tudela Formation Neogene
Turia Group/Chelva Formation Jurassic
Turia Group/Sot de Chera Formation Jurassic
Turmiel Formation Jurassic
Ullaga Formation Cretaceous
Upper Bedoulian Formation Cretaceous
Upper Muschelkalk Group/Dolomite Formation Triassic
UrbasaFormation Paleogene
Urbion Group/Pinilla de los Moros Formation Cretaceous
Urbión Formation Cretaceous
Urbión Group/Larriba Formation Cretaceous
Urbión Group/Leza Formation Cretaceous
Urbión Group/Pinilla de los Moros Formation Cretaceous
Utrillas Formation Cretaceous
Valdeganga Formation Neogene
Valdemorillo Shale Formation Ordovician
Valdeteja Formation Carboniferous
Vallcarga Formation Cretaceous
Valle Shale Formation Ordovician
Vega Formation Jurassic
Vega de Pas Formation Cretaceous
Vegamian Formation Carboniferous
Venta del MoroFormation Neogene
Vergano Formation Carboniferous
Vergaño Formation Carboniferous
Vic Marls Formation Paleogene
Vila Vella Formation Cretaceous
Villalba de la Sierra Formation Cretaceous
Villanueva de Huerva Formation Cretaceous
Villar del Arzobispo Formation Cretaceous, Jurassic
Villaro Formation Cretaceous
Villarrosano Formation Paleogene
Villarroya Formation Cretaceous
Villarroya de los Pinares Formation Cretaceous
Villaviciosa beds Formation Permian
Villaviciosa Group/Rodiles Formation Jurassic
Vitoria Formation Cretaceous
Xert Formation Cretaceous
Yatova Formation Jurassic
Zegri Formation Jurassic
Zegrí Formation Jurassic
Ágreda Formation Jurassic

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