List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Wales

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Group or Formation Period Notes
Aber Mawr Shale Ordovician
Afon Ffinnant Formation Ordovician
Allt Ddu Formation Ordovician
Aran Volcanic Group/Llyn y Gafr Formation Ordovician
Bala Group/Rhiwlas Formation Ordovician
Black Rock Limestone Carboniferous
Blaencediw Formation Ordovician
Bod Deiniol Formation Ordovician
Bodeidda Mudstone Ordovician
Bronydd Formation Silurian
Bryn Siltstone Formation Ordovician
Builth Volcanic Ordovician
Camnant Mudstone Ordovician
Carmarthen Formation Ordovician
Carmarthen Group/Afon Ffinnant Formation Ordovician
Carnedd Iago Formation Ordovician
Crychan Formation Silurian
Cwm Felin Boeth Formation Ordovician
Cymerig Limestone Ordovician
CyrnFormation Ordovician
Dolhir Formation Ordovician
Dyserth Quarry Limestone Carboniferous
Elton Beds Silurian
Ffestiniog Flag Formation Cambrian
Ffestiniog Flags Cambrian
Foel Formation Carboniferous
GelliFormation Ordovician
Glyn Formation Ordovician
Glyn Gower Formation Ordovician
GraigFormation Ordovician
Gronant Formation Carboniferous
Haverford Formation Ordovician
Haverford Mudstone Silurian
Hells Mouth Grits Cambrian
High Tor Limestone Carboniferous
Hirnant Limestone Ordovician
Hope Shale Ordovician
Hughley Shale Silurian
Hunts Bay Oolite Formation Carboniferous
Leete Limestone Carboniferous
Llanarmon Limestone Carboniferous
Llandudno Pier Dolomite Formation Carboniferous
Llanelly Formation Carboniferous
Llanfallteg Formation Ordovician
Llanfawr Mudstone Ordovician
Llwyn Formation Carboniferous
Lower Flaxley Beds Silurian
Lower Longhope Beds Silurian
Lower Old Red Sandstone Group/Downtonian Formation Silurian
Ludlow Series Group/Whitcliffe Formation Silurian
Mawddach Group/DolFormation Ordovician
May Hill Sandstone Formation Silurian
Mercia Mudstone Triassic
Middle Elton Formation Silurian
Milford Haven Formation Silurian
Moel Hiraddug Limestone Carboniferous
Nant Ffrancon Formation Ordovician
Nant Hir Formation Ordovician
Nant Hir Group/Derfel Limestone Ordovician
Ogof Hen Formation Ordovician
Onny Shale Ordovician
PenFormation Silurian
Plas Uchaf Formation Ordovician
Pont y Fenni Formation Ordovician
Pontyfenni Formation Ordovician
Quartz Conglomerate Devonian
Senni bed Formation Devonian
Senni Beds Devonian
Sholeshook Limestone Ordovician
Slade and Redhill Mudstone Ordovician
Spring Quarry Limestone Carboniferous
St. Maughan's Formation Devonian
Sully Beds Triassic
Sutton Formation Jurassic
Sutton stone Formation Jurassic
Trefawr Formation Silurian
Treiorwerth Formation Ordovician
TyFormation Silurian
Upper Blaisdon Beds Silurian
Upper Flaxley Beds Silurian
Upper Longhope Beds Silurian
Wenallt Formation Ordovician
Wenlock Shale Silurian
Wilsonia Shales Formation Silurian
Woolhope Limestone Silurian

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