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This list of found objects is a list of notable artworks, by artist, which are found objects (or are composed of found objects). These are each followed by a description of the non-art components.

Fountain Archive (2008-)
Rover chair[1]
Apolinère Enameled (1916), bed frame
Bicycle Wheel (1913)
Bottle Rack (1914)
Comb (1916)
In advance of the broken arm (1915), snow shovel
Fountain (1917), urinal
Pulled at 4 pins (1915), chimney ventilator
Trap (1917), coatrack
An Oak Tree
Chèvre, ceramic pottery shards, wicker basket, palm leaf, metal bits
Guenon et son petit (1951) [Baboon and Young], two toy cars, pottery jar, pitcher and bowl handles, automobile spring
Glass of Absinthe, silver straining spoon
Tête de taureau (1942), bicycle seat and handlebars
The Gift (Le Cadeau in French) (1921), iron with fourteen nails glued to its sole
The enigma of Isidore Ducasse (1920, reconstructed 1971), an unseen object (a sewing machine) wrapped in cloth and tied with cord
Object to Be Destroyed (1923-1957) and Indestructible Object (1958), metronome(s) with a photograph of an eye attached to its swinging arm