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This is a list of free and open-source software packages, computer software licensed under free software licenses and open-source licenses. Software that fits the Free Software Definition may be more appropriately called free software; the GNU project in particular objects to their works being referred to as open-source.[1] For more information about the philosophical background for open-source software, see free software movement and Open Source Initiative. However, nearly all software meeting the Free Software Definition also meets the Open Source Definition and vice versa. A small fraction of the software that meets either definition is listed here.

Some of the open-source applications are also the basis of commercial products, shown in the List of commercial open-source applications and services.


Applied fields[edit]

Artificial intelligence[edit]

  • General:
    • OpenCog — A project that aims to build an artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework. OpenCog Prime is a specific set of interacting components designed to give rise to human-equivalent artificial general intelligence.
  • Computer Vision:
    • AForge.NET — Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics library for the .NET Framework
    • OpenCV — Computer Vision Library in C++
  • Machine Learning:
  • Planning:
    • TREX — Reactive planning
  • Robotics
    • ROS — Robot Operating System
    • YARP — Yet Another Robot Platform


  • FreeCAD — Parametric 3D CAD modeler with a focus on mechanical engineering, BIM, and product design
  • LibreCAD — 2D CAD software using AutoCAD-like interface and file format

Electronic design automation (EDA)[edit]

Computer simulation[edit]

  • Blender — 3D modeling software written in C, C++, and Python containing cloth, hair, fluid, particle, and rigid body simulation techniques
  • SimPy — Queue-theoretic event-based simulator written in Python
  • flightgear — Flight simulator written for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux
  • FeatFlow — High-performance computational fluid dynamics CFD FEM solver


Integrated Library Management Software[edit]

Image editor[edit]

  • Darktable — Digital image workflow management, including RAW photo processing
  • digiKam — Integrated photography toolkit including editing capabilities
  • GIMP — Raster graphics editor aimed at image retouching/editing
  • Inkscape — Vector graphics editor
  • Krita — Digital painting and sketching application, with a variety of brush engines
  • RawTherapee — Digital image workflow management aimed at RAW photo processing


Reference management software[edit]




Geographic Information Systems[edit]

Grid computing[edit]

  • P-GRADE Portal — Grid portal software enabling the creation, execution and monitoring of workflows through high-level Web interfaces

Microscope image processing[edit]

  • CellProfiler — Automatic microscopic analysis, aimed at individuals lacking training in computer vision
  • Endrov — Java-based plugin architecture designed to analyse complex spatio-temporal image data
  • FIJI (software)ImageJ-based image processing
  • Ilastik — Image-classification and segmentation software
  • ImageJ — Image processing application developed at the National Institutes of Health
  • IMOD — 2D and 3D analysis of electron microscopy data
  • ITK — Development framework used for creation of image segmentation and registration programs
  • KNIME — Data analytics, reporting, and integration platform
  • OsiriXmacOS DICOM viewing software
  • VTK — C++ toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualisation
  • 3DSlicer — Medical image analysis and visualisation

Molecular dynamics[edit]

  • Abalone — Molecular dynamics software
  • Ascalaph Designer — Molecular modeling and simulation
  • GROMACS — Protein, lipid, and nucleic acid simulation
  • LAMMPS — Molecular dynamics software
  • MDynaMix — General-purpose molecular dynamics, simulating mixtures of molecules
  • NAMD — Parallel efficient simulation of large systems involving millions of atoms
  • NWChem — Quantum chemical and molecular dynamics software

Molecule viewer[edit]

  • Avogadro — Plugin-extensible molecule visualisation
  • BALLView — Molecular modeling and visualisation
  • Jmol — 3D representation of molecules in a variety of formats, for use as a teaching tool
  • Molekel — Molecule viewing software
  • MeshLab — Able to import PDB dataset and build up surfaces from them
  • PyMOL — High-quality representations of small molecules as well as biological macromolecules
  • QuteMol — Interactive molecule representations offering an array of innovative OpenGL visual effects
  • RasMol — Visualisation of biological macromolecules



Risk Management[edit]



Quantum chemistry[edit]

  • CP2K — Atomistic and molecular simulation of solid-state, liquid, molecular, and biological systems
  • GAMESS (US) — Computational chemistry application

Assistive technology[edit]

Speech (synthesis and recognition)[edit]

Other assistive technology[edit]

Data storage and management[edit]

Backup software[edit]

Database management systems (including administration)[edit]

Data mining[edit]

Data Visualization Components[edit]

  • ParaView — Plotting and visualization functions developed by Sandia National Laboratory; capable of massively parallel flow visualization utilizing multiple computer processors
  • VTK — Toolkit for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualisation.

Digital Asset Management software system[edit]

  • ResourceSpace — Widely used system with roots in the NGO sector

Disk partitioning software[edit]

Enterprise search engines[edit]

ETLs (Extract Transform Load)[edit]

File archivers[edit]

File Systems[edit]

Networking and Internet[edit]




File transfer[edit]

Grid and distributed processing[edit]

Instant messaging[edit]

IRC Clients[edit]


RSS/Atom readers/aggregators[edit]

Peer-to-peer file sharing[edit]

  • Popcorn Time — Multi-platform, free, and open-source media player

Portal Server[edit]

Remote access and management[edit]

Routing software[edit]

Web browsers[edit]


  • Cheese — GNOME webcam application
  • Guvcview — Linux webcam application



  • Apache Cocoon — A web application framework
  • Apache — Most-popular web server
  • AWStats — Log file parser and analyzer
  • BookmarkSync — Tool for browsers
  • Cherokee — Speedy, feature-rich HTTP server
  • curl-loader — Powerful HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/FTPS loading and testing tool
  • Hiawatha — Secure, high performance, and easy-to-configure HTTP server
  • HTTP File Server — User-friendly file server software, with a drag-and-drop interface
  • lighttpd — Resource-sparing, but also fast and full-featured, HTTP Server
  • Lucee — CFML application server
  • nginx — Lightweight, high performance web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy
  • NetKernel — Internet application server
  • Piwik — Web analytics system
  • Qcodo — PHP5 framework
  • Squid (software) — Web proxy cache
  • Vaadin — Fast Java-based framework for creating web applications
  • Varnish (software) — High-performance web application accelerator/reverse proxy and load balancer/HTTP router
  • XAMPP — Package of web applications including Apache and MariaDB
  • Zope — Web application server

Other networking programs[edit]


Educational suites[edit]

  • ATutor — Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Chamilo — Web-based e-learning and content management system
  • Claroline — Collaborative Learning Management System
  • DoceboLMS — SAAS/cloud platform for learning
  • eFront — Icon-based learning management system
  • FlightPath — Academic advising software for universities
  • GCompris — Education entertainment aimed at children aged 2–10
  • Gnaural — Brainwave entrainment software
  • IUP Portfolio — Educational platform for Swedish schools
  • ILIAS — Web-based learning management system (LMS)
  • Moodle — Free and open-source learning management system
  • OLAT — Web-based Learning Content Management System
  • Omeka — Content management system for online digital collections
  • openSIS — Web-based Student Information and School Management system
  • Sakai Project — Web-based learning management system
  • SWAD – Web-based learning management system
  • Tux Paint — Painting application for 3–12 year olds
  • UberStudent — Linux based operating system and software suite for academic studies


  • KGeography — Educational game teaching geography

Learning support[edit]



  • KTouch — Touch typing lessons with a variety of keyboard layouts
  • Tux Typing — Typing tutor for children, featuring two games to improve typing speed

Other educational programs[edit]

  • KEduca — An abandoned test management and creation tool

File managers[edit]


Application layer[edit]

  • WINE — Allows Windows applications to be run on Unix-like operating systems


Graphical user interface[edit]

Desktop environments[edit]

Window managers[edit]

Windowing system[edit]


Content management systems[edit]

Wiki software[edit]

Healthcare software[edit]

Hobby software[edit]



2D animation[edit]

  • Pencil2D — Simple 2D graphics and animation program
  • Pivot Animator — Application used to create stick figure and sprite animations
  • Synfig — 2D vector graphics and timeline based animation
  • Tupi (formerly KTooN) — Application for the design and creation of animation
  • OpenToonz — Part of a family of 2D animation software

3D animation[edit]

  • Blender — Professional computer graphics software featuring modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, simulation, rendering, camera tracking, video editing, and compositing
  • K-3D — Plugin oriented procedural modeling and animation
  • OpenFX — Modeling and animation software with a variety of built-in post processing effects
  • Seamless3d — Node-driven 3D modeling software

Audio editors, audio management[edit]

CD/USB-writing software[edit]

Flash animation[edit]


Image galleries[edit]

Image viewers[edit]

Multimedia codecs, containers, splitters[edit]


Video converters[edit]

Video editing[edit]

Video encoders[edit]

Video players[edit]

Other media packages[edit]

  • Celtx — Media Pre-production Software

Operating systems[edit]

Be advised that available distributions of these systems can contain, or offer to build and install, added software that is neither free software nor open-source.

Emulation and Virtualisation[edit]

Password management[edit]

Personal information managers[edit]

Programming language support[edit]

Bug trackers[edit]

Code generators[edit]

Documentation generators[edit]

  • Doxygen — Tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code.
  • Mkd — The software documentation is extracted from the sources files, from pseudocode or comments.
  • Natural Docs — Claims to use a more natural language as input from the comments, hence its name.

Configuration software[edit]

Debuggers (for testing and trouble-shooting)[edit]

Integrated development environments[edit]

Version control systems[edit]




Data loss prevention[edit]

Data recovery[edit]



Disk erasing[edit]


Disk encryption[edit]

Database encryption[edit]


Network and security monitoring[edit]

Secure Shell (ssh)[edit]

Other security programs[edit]


Bible study tools[edit]


See also[edit]

General directories[edit]


  1. ^ Richard Stallman (July 13, 2011). "Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software". Retrieved August 24, 2011. 

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