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List of free analog and digital electronic circuit simulators, available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and comparing against UC Berkeley SPICE. The following table is split into two groups based on whether it has a graphical visual interface or not. The later requires a separate program to provide that feature, such as Qucs-S,[1] Oregano,[2] or a schematic design application that supports external simulators, such as KiCad or gEDA.

Simulator name Business / Developer Latest
O/S platforms Analog? Digital? Digital
KTechLab[3] n/a 2020 Yes Yes Linux Yes Yes No Yes Simulates a PIC microcontroller
Logisim-evolution[4][5] Multiple Universities 2023
Yes Yes Windows, macOS, Linux No Yes VHDL Yes Fork of Logisim (whose development ended in 2011)[6]
LTspice Analog Devices 2024 Yes No Windows, macOS, POL Yes No No Yes Very popular, updated often.[7] Originally created at Linear Technology.
Micro-Cap Spectrum Software 2021 No No Windows Yes Yes PLD expressions Yes End-of-life, no longer updated. Previously was commercial software.
QSPICE[8] Qorvo 2024 Yes No Windows Yes Yes Verilog Yes Integrated support for digital blocks, C++, Verilog. Same author as LTspice.
Qucs n/a 2017 Maybe Yes Windows, macOS, Linux Yes Yes VHDL, Verilog (only pure digital simulations)[9] Yes Qt GUI. Uses own SPICE-incompatible simulator Qucsator for analog.
Qucs-S[1] various contributors 2024 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Fork of Qucs that supports SPICE-compatible simulator backends: Ngspice, Xyce, SpiceOpus, Qucsator.
SapWin University of Florence 2019 Yes No Windows Yes No No Yes
TINA–TI[10] DesignSoft & TI 2018 Yes No Windows, Wine Yes No No Yes Special version of TINA licensed to TI
PSPICE-FOR-TI[11] Cadence & TI 2023 Yes No Windows Yes No No Yes Special version of PSpice licensed to TI[12]
Gnucap[13] n/a 2006 Yes Yes Linux Yes No No No SPICE, Verilog, Spectre netlists. Plugins.
Ngspice n/a 2023 Yes Yes Windows, macOS, Linux Yes Yes No No Backend simulator for Altium Designer / Eagle / KiCad / Qucs-S.[14]
SPICE[15] UC Berkeley 1993 No Yes Source-only Yes No No No End-of-life, no longer updated. Historically important, because many analog simulators are based on this project.
Xyce[16] Sandia National Laboratories 2023 Yes Yes Windows, macOS, Linux Yes * * No Backend simulator that supports parallel simulation on Linux and macOS, and capable of solving extremely large circuits.
Table notes
  • Xyce - limited experimental support for Verilog and VHDL.[17]

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