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This is a list of zero-fare public transport routes, especially limited zero-fare routes within a wider fare-paying network.

For a list of city-wide zero-fare networks, see Free public transport
For free public transport for certain types of passenger (while others pay a fare), see Free travel pass


  • Adelaide, Australia has free travel on the Glenelg tram between South Terrace and the Hindmarsh Entertainment Centre and between Brighton Road and Jetty Road in Glenelg.[1] A free bi-directional loop route 99C and 99A also operates in the CBD, alongside the 98C and 99A (formerly called the Adelaide Connector), which operated in the CBD and North Adelaide.[1][2][3] In addition, free community bus services operate in the suburbs of Glenelg and Port Adelaide. Many years ago, a city service known as 99B used to ply King William street from North Terrace to South terrace, but this was terminated after the Tram extension.

During the fringe festival and Clipsal 500 event, there is a limited free bus service in the CBD.

  • Brisbane, Australia has free bus trips around "The Loop" in the CBD on two routes mirroring each other, varying only because of Brisbane's one-way street grid.[4] The service is smaller than that of other cities.
  • Manly, New South Wales, Australia – Four routes of free "Hop, Skip & Jump" minibus services throughout the municipality.[5]
  • Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia - a free shuttle service operates between the local railway station and the eastern forsehore in the city centre.
  • Melbourne in Australia has a free tram around the city center, and a free bus to popular tourist attractions. Both of these connect to other public transport. Tram travel within the Free Tram Zone, which covers the city center, the Queen Victoria Market and Docklands, is also free. Free public transport is sometimes offered on major holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Eve.
  • Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia has a free bus service that operates in the CBD area between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm.
  • Perth, Western Australia has free bus and train trips within the city centre (the "Free Transit Zone"), including four high-frequency Central Area Transit (CAT) bus loops. All bus and train trips that are completed entirely within the City of Perth local government area are free of charge. Free CAT bus services also operate in the centres of Fremantle and Joondalup.
  • Sydney in Australia Free downtown city bus loop, also offers occasional free public transport travel to and from events at particular times, notably New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney CBD, or to ANZAC War Memorial Services for veterans. The rationale is a mix of traffic reduction and cultural recognition.
    • The Sydney council of Willoughby also has a daily free bus loop route that connects the St Leonards railway station with the Artarmon industrial area..
    • The same council also has five routes that operate on one different day of the week connecting different suburbs to a convenient shopping centre.
    • Ryde City council provides a free local bus service.[6]
  • Willoughby, Sydney The Loop - a free bus that operates a different circular route each weekday (Mon-Fri) every 45 minutes.[7]
  • Wollongong has a free bus loop in both directions connecting the university, station, mall and beach, running at intervals of 10 or 20 minutes.[8]



Czech Republic[edit]

  • Hradec Králové, Czech Republic – all city buses and trolleybuses between the main train station and the new central bus terminal, since 2008 July 5.


  • Calais, France – Free bus called the Balad'in runs from Boulevard La Fayette (or more precicely Jardin-des-Plante, in the town centre) to the beach and back every 10 minutes. Three buses operate on Monday to Saturday from 8.55am and with the last departures at 6.47pm (beach) and 7.02pm (town centre).
  • Paris, France has frequent free transport routes that run around the Eurodisney Park and connect to hotels and alternative public transport routes nearby. There is also a free shuttle bus that connects the 'Centre Commercial Belle Epine' to a housing estate owned by Silic (fr:Silic) in the southern district of Orly.[10]
  • Tarbes in France offers a year-long free shuttle bus around the city, linking the main spots.


  • Marousi, a wealthy northern suburb in Athens, Greece has small municipal bus shuttles (of red colour) which can be used for free by anyone.




  • Dordrecht – bus and ferry, some Saturdays at the end of each year.
  • Noordwijk/OegstgeestLeiden Transferium – The Hague, express bus, running on weekdays during daytime, free of charge as a test during 2004; it was intended for commuters working in The Hague and living in Leiden or beyond who would otherwise travel by car to the Hague, to promote parking at the Transferium and continuing the journey by bus; the aim was to reduce road traffic congestion between Leiden and The Hague. The test was paid by the province of South Holland. It was discontinued in 2005.
  • Renesse (mun. Schouwen-Duiveland), Netherlands – free bus services in the area (in summer only)

New Zealand[edit]

  • Auckland, New Zealand – a free CBD loop service links the ferry terminus, railway station, universities, theatres, casino, galleries and shopping districts using hybrid electric buses.
  • Christchurch, New Zealand – The Shuttle is a zero-fare shuttle service in the inner city.
  • Invercargill, New Zealand - previously had various fare free services.


  • Moscow, Russia -
    • Bus stops near Auchan shopping center are near RightBank (Pravoberezhnaya) street and Sevastopolsky lane. Thus, the buses half-officially are used by local residents and offices and even have unofficial "A" number.
    • Aviapark trade center: 8:00-24:00 three routes to nearest metro stations with all stops and low intervals and one additional bus to residents (20 min interval)
    • Sadovod +South gate trade area: 6:00-16:00-18:00 free buses to four metro stations each and between the markets (To "Moscow" trade center too). These routes don't have intermediate stops except "Bird market" and stop near Mega trade center (about 15:00)
    • Stankolit platform area serviced by a variety of free routes because this area is not accessible except by long walking by foot on daytime from November 2002 (tram service terminated, low train service by mornings and everings).
    • During Easter Sundays, the Sunday before and after, buses and some trolleys to cemeteries are free but intermidate stops are cancelled unless they are high passengers turnover, park-and-ride stops, or if there is another cemetery (some unique track routes keep all stops). The system is criticised because it strongly lowers service on regular routes and religions. In Zelenograd district with specific: the routes do not change (except discarding peak hours two-stops branch on route 1 and 2) are free to cemetery and to riders originating at cemeteries (because cemeteries are terminus stops at all routes), otherwise requires a fare
  • Moscow Oblast
    • Trains on Big Circle Railway road are free at most times due to very low traffic (3 to 6 pairs per day), the fare is required only on some stops that transferring with main directions from the Moscow and part on Kazanskaya railway or Yaroslavskaya railway unless the conductor goes in the train (penalty fare does not apply, the cash offices are the exceptions on this road).
    • Buses to Globus (hypermarket) in Pushkino (earlier to Shelkovo, two routes were diverted later) and Podolsk allow to ride about 20 km for free, and return with small purchase required. Many routes have unique track, and even one unique stops (in city). In additional they have one route from 2 metro stations to Krasnogorsk shop (shared with Leroy Merlin)
  • Voronezh, Russia - buses with letter "H" (n) are free to anybody and go by their own network and timetable


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