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Furry role-playing games are role-playing games that prominently feature anthropomorphic animal characters and consequently are popular within furry fandom. This does not include all games that feature shapeshifting or animals in some fashion.

Furry RPGs include text-based online games (MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes, etc.), role-playing games, card games, and both online and single-player computer games that include graphics.

Role-playing games[edit]

  • Lucira: Moments From the Heart A single player JRPG styled game currently under development as freeware. It is currently seeking help during its development stage.
  • Albedo Anthropomorphics has had multiple role-playing game adaptations over the years. The current version, Albedo, is published by Sanguine Productions.
  • Bipo: Mystery of the Red Panda is a puzzle game run with RPG mechanics. Red Panda Games is the developer of this casual game.
  • Furry Pirates by Atlas Games, and its companion game Furry Outlaws. Furry characters live in their own version of the real world circa the 15th century.
  • Bunnies & Burrows: inspired by popular novel Watership Down, this early, ground-breaking RPG featured realistic intelligent animal player characters with skills such as "Bun Fu". Later re-released as a GURPS conversion.
  • Ironclaw and its companion game Jadeclaw, by Sanguine Productions, in which humanoid animal characters live in a variation of a fantasy/renaissance game world in Ironclaw, and a similar variation of Exalted in Jadeclaw.
  • Usagi Yojimbo Role-Playing Game by Sanguine Productions: a role-playing game set in the comic universe of the same name. A previous edition by Gold Rush Games was published in 1998.
  • World Tree (role-playing game): a role-playing game of species and civilizations by Bard Bloom and Victoria Borah Bloom features various animal characters along a modified version of Yggdrasil
  • After The Bomb and its supplements, by Palladium Books in which players take on the roles of mutant animal characters in a post-apocalyptic setting. AtB was originally release as a supplement to Palladium's TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG but has since been release as its own game setting which seems to be more inspired by the surge in real life genetic science trends than mutations caused by the fallout of nuclear war.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness also by Palladium Books was set in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics universe and allows players to create their own customized mutant animals in a modern setting.
  • Justifiers by StarChilde Publications: a roleplaying game in a futuristic setting where players are Beta, a genetically engineered race of anthropomorphic animals created by human corporations. The game was published in 1988.
  • Hakobune By Tim Peare a D20-based furry setting with high fantasy and steam punk technology
  • Kevin and Kell Role-Playing Game A RPG based on Bill Holbrook's Kevin and Kell webcomic. It was published in 2005 by ComStar Media.
  • "The Requiem" IRC-based roleplay set in an Modern-day Earth-like environment, using Humans and Anthropomorphics (furries). Active once again.
  • Shard by Shard Studios is an anthropomorphic heroic fantasy role-playing game set in Dárdünah, the World of the False Dawn, a non-stereotypical fantasy setting, which draws its influences from oriental culture.
  • Other Suns by Niall C. Shapero, a D100 skill based Science Fiction RPG, published in 1983 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.
  • "World of Feila" forum-based medieval furry role play with free-form characterization and multiple storylines. Has a section that is open to all time periods and settings.
  • Historia Rodentia by On The Lamb Games, a supplement for the Legend Roleplaying game released by Mongoose Publishing. Taking the setting from the Brushfire Skirmish Game, a historical parody and satire of the Napoleonic Era that uses animals in the place of history's greatest armies.

MUD-style games[edit]

  • Ironclaw Online, an online MUD version of the Ironclaw RPG mentioned above.
  • FurryMUCK, a mainly social MUD "centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics".
  • New Worlds Ateraan, a mature online MUD with a unique medieval style setting and anthropomorphic races included. Rules state only over-eighteens may play.

Graphical online games[edit]

  • Furcadia, one of the first MMOGs, lacking the proper requirements to be classified as an MMORPG.
  • IMVU is an instant messenger program in which you may randomly find partners to chat with, you may dress up your 3D avatar to be a furry.
  • Second Life has a quite large community of furries and handfuls of privately owned furry-themed areas, due in part to the wide range of avatar customizations available.
  • Earth Eternal is a 3-D browser based MMO that has many varieties of races and almost complete character customization. Currently offline due to the bankruptcy of its publisher. The game however, is for sale. Note, A fan run server has been created called Planet Forever. For more information go to
  • The Endless Forest is a "social screensaver" where players roam a forest as deer with human faces.
  • Wolfhome is a social mmo where players can walk around as wolves, fennec foxes, jackals, or coyotes, perform canine related gestures and emoticons, and chat with friends.
  • Spirit Tales is an mmo where your character can take on different animal classes such as ram, fox, mouse, etc. Spirit Tales is currently in closed beta.

Other computer games[edit]

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