List of fusion power technologies

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The following is a list of fusion power technologies that have been practically attempted:



  • Accelerated FRC (TCS-U)
  • Bumpy torus (ELMO, EBT, ORNL)
  • Galatea (Tornado)


  • Laser Inertial (NIF) - direct drive
  • Inertial confinement fusion - indirect drive
  • Inertial confinement fusion - Fast Ignition
  • Heavy Ion fusion (HIFAR Lawrence Berkeley)
  • MAGLIF: Combination pinch and laser ICF


  • Pulsed z-pinch (Saturn, Sandia)
  • High density Z-pinch (MAGPIE Imperial College)
  • Inverse Z-pinch

Inertial Electrostatic Confinement[edit]

  • Fusor (Fusor, Farnsworth)
  • IEC (Fusor, Hirsch-Meeks)
  • IEC with Periodically Oscillating Plasma Sphere (POPS, LANL)
  • IEC with plasma electrode (PoF, Sanns)
  • IEC with beam/spherical capacitor (STAR, Sesselmann)
  • Polywell (Fusor and Magnetic mirror hybrid)
  • IEC with Penning trap (Penning Fusion Experiment - PFX, LANL)
  • F1 (electrostatic and magnetic cusp hybrid - Fusion One)


  • Flow Pinch (ZAP, Uni Washington)
  • CT Accel (CTIX, UC Davis)
  • Magneto-kinetic (PHDX, Plasma Dynamic Lab)
  • Magnetized target (AFRL, LANL)
  • Magneto-inertial (OMEGA laser, LLE, Rochester)
  • Levitated dipole [superconducting] (LDX, MIT, PSGC)
  • Maryland Centrifugal (MCX)
  • Sheared magnetofluid/Bernoulli confinement (MBX, Uni Texas)
  • Penning fusion (PFX, LANL)
  • Plasma jets (HyperV, Chantilly)
  • Magnetized target fusion with mechanical compression (General Fusion, Burnaby)
  • Field-reversed colliding beams (Tri-Alpha)
  • Muon-catalyzed fusion (Berkeley, Alvarez)
  • Dense Plasma Focus (Focus fusion, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Lerner)
  • Rotating lithium wall (RWE, Maryland)


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