List of game companies in Singapore

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Game companies in Singapore[edit]




  • I Got Games (IGG)
  • Interactive Digital Dreams Pte Ltd
  • Inzen (invested in by Baidu[2])
  • Ixora studios
  • Kaiju Den Pte Ltd
  • L.A.I Singapore Pte Ltd (Coin-op distributor)
  • LandShark Games
  • Lambda Mu (games published by Chillingo[3])
  • Lionfish Studios
  • Lionstork Studios
  • Lucasarts (Lucasarts Singapore now defunct[4])
  • Magma Studios Pte Ltd
  • Namco Bandai
  • Nabi Studios (Relocated)
  • Nexgen Studio Pte Ltd (Advergaming)
  • Nonstop games (Defunct, acquired by King (company) in 2014[5][6])
  • Nubee (defunct)
  • Oddity
  • PD Design Studio
  • Personae Studio
  • Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd
  • Polywick Studio
  • Playware Studios


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