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it should be noted all Oculus games are platform locked Oculus does not give software serials like other competing platforms you may buy but they own it

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Natural Locomotion[edit]

Natural locomotion games only use the motion & rotation of the player's head, no thumbstick/keyboard movement or camera movement, and so do not generally cause players sickness and enable constant presence[citation needed].

Games marked * have optional artificial locomotion, where teleportation + natural locomotion can be used instead.

Title Genre Exclusive Input Device(s) Refs
Chronos Adventure RPG Yes Gamepad
Dead Secret Mystery Thriller No Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition Tower Defense Yes Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Drunk or Dead Zombie shooter No Oculus Touch [1]
Gunslinger - Cowboy Shooting Challenge Action/Simulation Yes Oculus Remote [2]
Hitman Go: VR Edition Turn-based Strategy Yes Oculus Remote / Gamepad
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Social Puzzle No Gamepad
Pinball FX2 VR Arcade Game No Gamepad
Please, Don't Touch Anything Puzzle No Oculus Remote / Gamepad [3]
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR Mystery No Gamepad
Deadly Burrito* Shooter Yes Oculus Touch [4]

Cockpit Locomotion[edit]

Cockpit locomotion games use a vehicle with a cockpit to let the players traverse an environment. Whether this causes motion sickness varies based on multiple factors, including: the player's constitution, the size of the cockpit, and the intensity of motion.

Title Genre Exclusive Input Device(s)
ADR1FT Adventure No Gamepad
American Truck Simulator Driving Simulation No Gamepad / Steering Wheel
Assetto Corsa Racing Simulation No Steering Wheel
Bazaar Adventure No Gamepad
Digital Combat Simulator World Flight Simulation No Flight Stick
DiRT Rally Racing Simulation Yes Steering wheel
Elite Dangerous Spaceflight Simulation No Gamepad / Flight Stick
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Driving Simulation No Gamepad / Steering Wheel
EVE: Valkyrie Space Dogfighter No[5] Gamepad / Flight Stick
Flight Simulator X Flight Simulation No Flight Stick
Gunjack Turret Shooter No Gamepad
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Combat Flight Simulation No Joystick / HOTAS / Pedals / Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard
iRacing Racing Simulation Yes Steering Wheel
Live for Speed Racing Simulation No Steering Wheel
Prepar3D Flight Simulation No Steering Wheel
Project CARS - Game of the Year Edition Racing Simulation No Gamepad / Steering Wheel
RaceRoom Racing Experience Racing Simulation No Gamepad / Steering Wheel
Radial-G: Racing Revolved Arcade Racer No Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard / Steering Wheel
VR Regatta Sailing simulation No Oculus Touch
War Thunder Flight Simulation No Keyboard+Mouse/Gamepad/HOTAS or Flightstick

Artificial Locomotion[edit]

These games artificially move the "camera", such as thumbstick player movement or on rails camera movement. They can allow for a wider range of experiences, but can cause motion sickness and can be detrimental to presence.

Title Genre Exclusive Input Device(s)
Edge of Nowhere Action-Adventure Horror Yes Gamepad
Emily Wants to Play Horror No Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard
Into the Dead Survival FPS No Gamepad
Kumoon (with DLC) Puzzle No Gamepad
Legend of Dungeon Action RPG No Gamepad
Lucky's Tale Platformer Yes Gamepad
Minecraft Adventure / Sandbox No Gamepad
Obduction Adventure / Puzzle No Oculus Remote / Oculus Touch / Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard
P·O·L·L·E·N Exploration No Gamepad
Quake (With Mod) FPS No Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard
Rec Room FPS / Action RPG / Sports / Social No Oculus Touch
Roblox Sandbox No Mouse+Keyboard
Subnautica Adventure No Gamepad
The Climb Exploration Yes Gamepad
The Solus Project Exploration Adventure No Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard
The Town of Light Horror No Gamepad

Titles in Development[edit]

These games have been announced and are at the moment in development.

Title Genre Exclusive Input Device(s) Est. Release Date
Fallout 4 VR Edition Science Fiction No Gamepad / Mouse+Keyboard 2017

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