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This list of Gaming Near field communication (NFC) Platforms provides an overview of the uses of NFC in gaming.

Currently, games have leveraged NFC in unlocking additional features through payment. This takes the form of a direct transaction over NFC[1] or by purchasing a physical item, which signals to the platform that a certain set of features has been purchased (e.g. Skylanders). This list catalogues Gaming NFC Platforms by device.




As item-triggered game enhancement[edit]

As payment[edit]

  • In-App Purchases[7]

Here, games that leverage Apple's In-App Purchase framework use information stored in the NFC Secure Element to process the purchase through Apple Pay. While an NFC radio is not used here, the NFC protocol is used nonetheless.


For mobile consoles, like the Nintendo 3DS see Console.


Nintendo Wii, Wii U and 3DS[edit]

As item-triggered game enhancement[edit]

As payment[edit]

  • The Wii U GamePad controller can read information from an NFC data source.[9]




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