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This is a list of noteworthy gaming conventions[nb 1] from around the world. The list is divided up by location, and each gaming convention includes the dates during which it is typically held. Dates listed are approximate or traditional time periods for each convention.

Multiple locations[edit]




New Zealand[edit]


  • Ziggurat Con – Tallil Airbase, Iraq Premiere of this event and the first con in a combat zone



South Korea[edit]

  • G-Star – Busan in November





  • JunaCon – Turku, in late winter or early spring
  • Ropecon – Espoo in late July or early August







  • Polcon - on the last weekend of August, location changes every year
  • Pyrkon - Poznań in March


  • DreamHack – Jönköping & Skellefteå since 1994
  • GothCon – Gothenburg on Easter since 1977

United Kingdom[edit]


North America[edit]


  • CanGames – Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian May Long Weekend
  • Fragapalooza – Edmonton in June
  • FallCon – Calgary, Alberta - Board Game / Miniatures Convention held annually in October.
  • GottaCon - Annual broad spectrum gaming convention held annually in Victoria, B.C.
  • Hal-Con – Annual gaming/sci-fi convention held in October in Halifax
  • Pure Speculation – Annual fan culture festival held in November in Edmonton, Alberta
  • VCON - Fantasy, gaming, and science fiction convention held in October in Vancouver B.C.

United States[edit]

Arranged by regional divisions used by the United States Census Bureau

North East[edit]

Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Middle Atlantic[edit]

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania


East North Central[edit]

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin

West North Central[edit]

Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

  • Con of the North - Minneapolis, Minnesota, in February
  • DemiCon – Des Moines, Iowa, first weekend each May
  • Gamicon – Iowa City, Iowa, in February


South Atlantic[edit]

Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

  • Dragon Con – Atlanta, Georgia on Labor Day weekend
  • Historicon – Fredericksburg, Virginia in July
  • MACE – Charlotte, North Carolina - November
  • MegaCon – Orlando, Florida
  • MAGFest – National Harbor, Maryland
  • MineCon - Orlando, Florida on the 2nd weekend of November (2013, Other years may vary)
  • MomoCon – Atlanta, Georgia in May
  • PrezCon - Charlottesville, Virginia - President's Day weekend
  • RavenCon - Richmond, Virginia
  • Stellarcon – High Point, North Carolina - March
  • Trinoc*coN – Raleigh, North Carolina (Closed)
East South Central[edit]

Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee

West South Central[edit]

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas

  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) South – San Antonio, Texas in January.
  • BGG.CON - Irving, Texas in late November.
  • Comicpalooza - Houston, Texas over Memorial Day weekend in late May.
  • QuakeCon - id Software's expo, convention, and tournament, usually held in early August in Dallas, Texas.
  • RTX - Austin, Texas in early July. Internet and gaming convention hosted by Rooster Teeth.
  • SGC - Dallas, Texas in June - July. 3 Day long Gaming and Internet Personality Convention.



Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

  • CONduit Salt Lake City, Utah in May - Science Fiction and Fandom Convention—Board games, miniatures, RPG, anime, panels, masquerade.
  • Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix, Arizona - May 23–26, 2013
  • Denver Comic Con, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO - June 17–19, 2016

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington

  • BlizzCon – Anaheim, California in the Autumn (semi-annually) - video games
  • Dragonflight - Seattle, Washington, second weekend in August
  • DunDraCon – San Ramon, California on Presidents' Day weekend in February
  • E For All – Los Angeles, California in October (Closed)
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – Los Angeles, California in June - video games
  • GameStorm – Portland, Oregon in March
  • Gamex – Los Angeles, California on Memorial Day weekend in May
  • Gateway – Los Angeles, California on Labor Day weekend in August/September
  • GaymerX - San Francisco, California - LGBT-centered gaming convention
  • IndieCade Festival - Los Angeles, California, early October - international festival of independent games
  • Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show – Seattle, Washington in June
  • Norwescon - Seattle, Washington in March/April
  • OrcCon – Los Angeles, California on Presidents' Day weekend in February
  • OryCon - Portland, Oregon in November
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime – Seattle, Washington on the last weekend in August or Labor Day Weekend
  • RadCon, Science Fiction and Fandom Convention, Pasco, Washington Annually on President's Day Weekend
  • SpoCon, Gaming, Scifi, and Steampunk Convention, Spokane, Washington Annually during August

Latin America[edit]



  1. ^ A convention is presumed noteworthy if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the convention and satisfies the inclusion criteria for a stand-alone article.

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