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The following is a list of notable garage rock bands. It is not exclusive to collective bands, but also includes solo acts who have created music in this style (usually backed by accompanying musicians). The list features artists from the US and Canada, but also includes similar acts from other countries.[1][2][3]

Original mid-1960s garage bands (primarily active from 1964–68)[edit]


























Later period protopunk and garage-influenced bands (1967 to 1979)[edit]

The bands listed below, though often associated with garage rock, are also associated with other genres such as acid rock, psychedelia, blues rock, power pop, 1970s punk rock, hard rock, bubblegum, glam, prog rock, art rock or even heavy metal. Many British bands between 1965–1968 have been retrospectively referred to as "Freakbeat" and between 1969-1979 as pub rock. Like garage rock, much of the music made by acts such as these has been characterized as proto-punk.

1980–present garage rock revival bands[edit]

Some of these bands overlap with punk, garage punk, punk blues, the mod revival, psychobilly, noise rock/noise pop/noise punk, grunge, new wave and post-punk, post-punk revival, the Paisley Underground, indie rock, indie pop, neo-psychedelia, power pop, Britpop, hard rock and even riot grrl, queercore or traditional heavy metal.

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