List of generating stations in Prince Edward Island

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This is a list of power stations in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Island has eight power stations, and is the only Canadian province without an active hydroelectric power station (the last one ended commercial operation in the 1950s). The province is largely dependent on imported power from NB Power generation facilities in New Brunswick. Two submarine power lines provide more than 80% of the provincial load. Since the early 2000, the Island has promoted the province as an ideal location for developing wind farms.

Maritime Electric, a subsidiary of St. John's-based Fortis Inc., operates the integrated public utility serving most of the province, with the exception of the City of Summerside which has had a municipal electric utility in operation since 1920; the City of Summerside Electric Utility purchases power from sources such as NB Power that is transmitted to the city through Maritime Electric's network. Both utilities own and operate generating stations (mostly diesel but the largest operated by Maritime Electric uses heavy fuel oil); these plants are used as peakers or during emergencies.


List of all wind farms in Prince Edward Island.

Name Date Capacity (MW) Location Owner Type Ref
Eastern Kings Wind Farm 30 North Lake PEI Energy Corporation Wind [1]
North Cape Wind Farm 10.6 North Cape PEI Energy Corporation Wind [2]
Norway Wind Farm 9 Norway Suez Renewable Energy Wind [3]
Summerside Wind Farm 12 Summerside City of Summerside Electric Utility Wind [4]
West Cape Wind Farm 99 West Cape Suez Renewable Energy Wind [3]


Name Date Capacity (MW) Location Owner Type Ref
Borden Generating Station 42 Borden Maritime Electric Diesel [5]
Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station 112 Charlottetown Maritime Electric Fuel oil [5]
Harvard Street Generating Station 25 Summerside City of Summerside Electric Utility Diesel [6]

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